My new SACHS Sundancer 1981 !

I finish to rebuilt a old SACHS SUNDANCER 1981.

On the frame it wrote (top speed 25 mph) and i do 27 mph...

The moped have all his original parts, only tires are change.

I have 125 lbs compression in the cylinder. Very easy to start!

Plus i have the original tools box under the luggage.

I'm very happy of this SACHS!

My other ped is a TOMOS TARGA LX 1999.


Other pics !

Other picture !


Last pic !

The motor !

Can you tell more about this model ???

I didn't find nothing for this moped or SACHS comp. !????

I know they exist in Germany !!!!

But did they sell moped again in USA ?



Re: Last pic !

There are rumors that Sachs will return, but that's just rumors. They make new mopeds, but I don't know why nobody imports them...

Sachs are one of the more popular motors on mopeds, I think there are around 8 different brands that use them, Hercules is the biggest after Sachs itself, but there are several others.

On the whole they are smooth and reliable, but not too many performance parts out there.

You have a 504 motor, it's the same as the 505, but the pedals are not attached to the case. If you want to find out which version, look at the metal plate on the top, over your flywheel (right side while sitting on it).

If you need more information Search on this forum, and make sure that you have all dates selected. If you can't find info with the search, ask.

Re: Last pic !

Nice bike. I think the winner of a few of the BBQ races was riding a Sachs.

Re: Last pic !

I've been looking at the race results- 2nd and 3rd in diffrent years, by the same person, and I don't know if he modified it much if any.

It's skill.

Thank's a lot !

Thank's, i did't know what motor i have 504 or 505 !

Now i know !!!!

Re: Thank's a lot !

nice ped alain, looks like my Batavus Bingo, also cherry red.


Thank's !

Do you have a picture of your BATAVUS BINGO ?

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