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Howdy I just was lucky enough to purchase a 78 Vespa Piaggio and have a few (too many!) questions that will help get me running smoothly. First, I got her started and she went like hell but I had no throttle control, although throttle cable seemed sound, spring at throttle handle seemed abit off.... Most agregious is my crank which is somehow loose and plays around in the bottom bracket. How do you get this thing out is there some kind of plastic sleeve? At this point the play bucks the chain. Finally, my fuel filter/ distributer is missing that little washer with the three keys in it if that makes any sense. Much love for your help.

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Check to see that the throttle cable is seated properly in the elbow at the top of the carburetor. Be sure it is routed so that it is not binding somewhere.

The pedal crank is removed by first removing the chain, then the left pedal arm, and withdrawing the the crank with its sprocket from the right side. There are plastic bushings (sleeves) on each side that are relatively easy to replace.

I don't know what the little washer with three keys is.

Parts are available from www.vespasupershop.com.

Fabio is the Vespa Moped Einstein there.


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Thank you for the insight. I gather that after removing the pedal from the left side I then hammer the cranshaft out, pushing through the bushings. I ask because I have hit it a number of times and it seems pretty damn stuck and I don't want to crack anything. As far as the throttle is concerned it seems more to be a problem in the spring at the handle since the cable at both ends seems okay.

Thanks again

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What model Vespa do you have ? Is it a scooter or a moped ? I have a feeling this is a scooter. The spring return on a moped carb is in the top of the carb. Maybe the handle is rusty and stuck. Clean it up and oil the throttle handle. Let us know the model. bruce

Re: Stuck?

The pedal shaft can't get stuck in the bushings, but the spacer that keeps the shaft centered could be rusted to the shaft.

It's a metal bushing that is behind the left pedal when you remove it. Ideally it should slip off, but since nobody ever lubricates this area, I would think it rusted itself onto the pedal shaft.

A gear puller may be able to free it after letting the bushing soak in penetrating oil.


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