finaly got the ped running

flannelman6669 /

well i took my ped out for a drive last night , it felt great to finally be back on the road . i hooked up with two of my friends and drove all over town . got to love the open road . both of my friends drive snail but i dont care .

i guess the funny thing about it is that there twin and they look alike and so do there scooters one a razz and the others an elite .

also if any one need part for an express let me know i got alot of part to get rid of..

see you around


Re: finaly got the ped running

soooo ... which one did you get running ? .. and what was wrong with it ?

Re: finaly got the ped running

I always need parts for my express... My oil injector is injecting oil fine but it leaks oil into the engine when its not running. Means I blow out clouds of blue smoke for about a day and a half. Also seems to loose a bit of power because of it. do you have a spair headlight/tail light? How bout a petcock?

fred and ja)(or

flannelman /

well the one i got running is my 78 express the spring broke and the piston was fried

well i got a couple of petcocks and oil pumps on the oil pump what kind do you need ???

head lights i dont have and tail light lences i dont have sorry

Re: fred and ja)(or

I need the later style oil injector. And its not the tail light lense i need, i need the black plastic tail light/licenseplate holder.

How much do you want for the oil injector and a petcock?

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