Tomos question for Wayne, and others

Kevin Harrell /

How much difference does a biturbo muffler make in hill climbing ability of a Tomos with the A35 engine. Currently without modifications to the bike or my weight 200lb my bike slows way down to about 15mph on modest hills. The performance on flat ground is O.K. but slowing down so much on the hills is frustrating.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Tomos question for Wayne, and others

ItsLookingUp /

A performance exhaust is more for top end speed than low end power. If you have speed approaching the hill you will power up it better, however if you are at a dead stop prior to the hill you will not see a lot of difference. If you are unhappy with the performance (at any range) of your ped, I would highly recommend a performance exhaust system. It's the most boost for the money you can do to improve the ped.

Re: Tomos question for Wayne, and others

I agree-- I could climb the biggest hills around with my biturbo, but only with a running start. A red light at the bottom of a big hill was a nightmare.

I would change the gearing for power instead of speed, if you want to tackle the hills--- this will chop your top speed but your bike SHOULD be quicker and climb better.

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