i want this :(

<img src=http://www.mopedarmy.com/img/gallery/moped_copy4.jpg>

Re: i want this :(

Wow! That's a rare bike. Where did you see it?

Re: i want this :(

my '99 looked like that, except it was black, and no turn signals...

Re: i want this :(

SteelToad /

Re: i want this (Hey, Tab/rare bike?)

I love Tomos, but it escapes me why that bike is so rare--- is it the engine? or that maybe it's a golden bullet?

I's very curious why you said it's rare. Always interested in Tomos facts.

It looks like my 2000 Targa, but a nicer color.

Re: i want this (Hey, Tab/rare bike?)

I was being an *ss! :-)

Re: i want this :(

Mope Head /

Re: i want this :(

I don't know, Ham, you seem to have a talent to turn up old weird rare stuff- I'd stick with that.

Re: i want this 2 :)

looks cool...how fast do those go stock???

Re: i want this :(

id rather have a tomos revival though :) those are the BEST peds

Re: i want this :(

david f martin /

Revival looks pretty cool... but...

Not that fast, and no aftermarket parts for it, yet... lots of plastic, too.


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