5 spartas on ebay.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Vimy Ridgeway /

I'd steer away from anything stored outside for 5 years. It doesn't look like any of them have cables. You might wind up with two bikes, if you're lucky, and lots of parts after lots of work. $400-500 might be a better price to pay.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

But they're being offered for one money!!

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

i thought we agreed not to divulkdge such information,erin.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

psh. i agreed to nothing. im simply awe-struck. besides, that price is super ridiculous for non-running rusty bikes that are impossible to find parts for.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Im glad I shelled out the cash for one of those that ran a few years ago. Im almost willing to bet those are the last of the VA Beach rental fleet. YEp, second look it says "stingray" on the tank,

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

i want my own fleet of foxi's...

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

John hanibal Smith /

Yeah they look pretty beat to shit the guy is freaking nuts wanting that much for them,I bet the brakes and motors are all locked up.Speaking of Spartas I think i found one for parts problem is the guy wants 125 for it and it has no motor is that worth it or is he nuts??

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

my dad sells antiques to that guy. He is rich as fuck and really old and yeah he owned some rental place. He had been trying to sell those to me for quite some time but i dont need 5 foxis he actually has a lot more in better shape and he really has every little part you could want to make those things run like they were brand new i just dont think he really knows what its all worth and he doesnt know about peds or what he has but the has the amount on NOS sachs parts that guy has would blow your mind. I kept asking what do you have engines cables what? he said u could fill a big uhaul trailer and i dont know about peds but i have everything to make these run like new this was back in Nov though and i think most his stock went to handybikes.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

fish_SHARK /

i bet one of them has a working head-light.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

erin has a hard on for foxis

if she could have a hard on

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

They look like garbage.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

yeah id hate to see in those tanks. Wish theguy wasnt such a fuckr i wanted to buy a couple 505D's off him but he wouldn't part anythin that shit will rust in his yard til he gets what he thinks its worth.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

I know this guy. I was in his storage unit when he had 80 of these left in top shape. These are the last, and in presumably the worst shape. Buyer beware.

I have decent one from this fleet in my backyard that I can let go for $200.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

that's funny, because i contacted you about that a few months ago and you never followed through with actually wanting to part with it. seems like a lot of people come out of the wood works saying they have things theyre willing to sell once it becomes popular and whatnot.. but when it comes down to it, no one actually does so. i call bullshit.

someone for the love of god just sell me a front fender, a centerstand, and the front brake assembly.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

You call bullshit on what? I had it listed in the FS section before you posted this.

If you recall I said I did not think the bike deserved to be parted out because it is good shape. I'm not of the mindset to part out an other wise decent bike and thought it should sell as a complete bike. So sorry you didn't get your precious fender.

So before you get all presumptuous because you are bitter you can't track down some parts take a second to think and maybe bite your tongue.


Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Infact, before you call BS on me here is our conversation.

Death X Vainitie (10:08:12 PM): hey this is erin l from moped army site.

Death X Vainitie (10:08:25 PM): i sent you an email about those foxi front forks and im super desperate for them...

h0pewell (10:08:50 PM): hey whats up. the email listed is mega old

Death X Vainitie (10:09:04 PM): so you think you could sell me them for $20 plus shipping?

Death X Vainitie (10:09:23 PM): also-if you have the side covers, the kick stand and the front fender, ill buy all of those

h0pewell (10:10:17 PM): i need to think about it. its a perfectly restorable ped.. and pulling the forks would make it unsellable

Death X Vainitie (10:10:30 PM): ill give you top dollar for all of what i need

Death X Vainitie (10:10:44 PM): honestly you can basically name your price, ive been looking for these things for over five months...

Death X Vainitie (10:10:46 PM): so let me know

h0pewell (10:11:28 PM): alright sounds good. do you other people who would want other parts.. thus making the part out worthwhile?

Death X Vainitie (10:11:38 PM): yes

h0pewell (10:11:40 PM): i dont have sidecovers unfortunatly

Death X Vainitie (10:11:46 PM): a couple other people definitely ill let know

Death X Vainitie (10:12:09 PM): theres like two other guys that have multiple foxis that need parts.. and would be willing to pay decent money too im sure

Death X Vainitie (10:12:43 PM): im actually a member of moped army, and both of them are too.. so we're not going to bull shit around

h0pewell (10:12:47 PM): if you can find buyers and a parts list that adds up to $250 i think we have a deal. otherwise im going to restore it when it gets warm. a good email for me is dhope002@odu.edu

h0pewell (10:12:56 PM): just let me know

Death X Vainitie (10:13:01 PM): ok ill let them know and get back to you

Death X Vainitie (10:13:05 PM): i appreciate your help

h0pewell (10:13:12 PM): hey no problem

h0pewell (10:13:21 PM): whats wrong with your forks?

Death X Vainitie (10:13:21 PM): whats wrong with it, what needs to be restored?

Death X Vainitie (10:13:38 PM): my moped was hit before i owned it.. and i never realized how bad the front end was until i put new tires on

Death X Vainitie (10:13:49 PM): it doesnt have a front fender either

Death X Vainitie (10:13:55 PM): its basically a death trap going down hill

h0pewell (10:14:30 PM): the engine needs to be decarbonized and just tuned. it should run fine. i bought 4 foxis total from an old moped rental outfit that had about 150 of them. it was unreal going to the storage unit

h0pewell (10:14:33 PM): *engine

h0pewell (10:14:57 PM): they used sparta/foxi's exclusively

Death X Vainitie (10:15:04 PM): wow

Death X Vainitie (10:15:11 PM): yeah theyre super rare bikes

h0pewell (10:15:55 PM): the guy said he still had a few in cartons in his other home. he would order containers of them every 2 years or so from holland

h0pewell (10:16:11 PM): i think he eventually sold all his spares as a lot to handybikes

Death X Vainitie (10:16:13 PM): wow

Death X Vainitie (10:16:22 PM): yeah i should get ahold of BJ at handybikes anyway about what i need

h0pewell (10:16:34 PM): yea, he would be the one to contact

Death X Vainitie (10:16:39 PM): well anyway, i have to get going, but thanks a lot for your help

Death X Vainitie (10:16:43 PM): peace

h0pewell (10:16:49 PM): no problem

h0pewell (10:16:50 PM): later

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.


Anywho , lets hope that dude gets real and parts those out piece by piece.

Im probably the likely candidate in regards to saying i was gonna sell erin parts - i bought a sparta and was gonna rip it apart but couldnt do it.

I do know however, that out of the 6 people who told me they would sell me a set of sidecovers, only crackstar actually DID, so i know the feeling.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

truth of the matter is alot of us need random parts off these , which is why it would be nice to see this dude part em off individually, he would prob make way more money, ( you would have to be high to spend 1000 on 5 rusty customers like that....

I can only part out a bike that cant be saved.

Those look like 5 that cannot be saved.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

Is this the guy who was selling them about 2-3 years ago but then stopped after about 5 bikes in? I think Masta D had some involvement. Yeah, I said Masta D.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

John hanibal Smith /

only thing they would good for is parts.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Lance applewhite /

I thinking $150.00 for the pick of the litter if theres no title.Sachs are good engines.If the tank has had a cap and petcock on it should be de-rustable.Soak the chains in acid a few minutes and they should be ok.Scrub the chrome steel wool and water or wd40.Heck the air filters are $25.00 alone and may not be too mushy.% are just too many,maybe three would be would be more than enough.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Lance applewhite /

The sad thing about these old mopeds is they cost so much to restore them.You really got to love em.You could spend $500 and up on paint and parts, a title and shipping.Probably have a hard time getting what you spent on it out of it if you sold it someday.I love that fine looking slant tail style.Classy.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Lance applewhite /

If that guy was any kind of man he would know what OZ told the Tin Man when he gave him a heart; "A heart is not judged by how much you love others but rather by how much others love you."And he would sell you the parts and feel good.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Well, he's gonna have to come up with an alternative strategy then the 1000 for 5 bikes route cause that aint gonna work.

But anyway that erin can get her part , i can get a rear wheel and a set o sidecovers is good with me.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

Lance applewhite /

Sorry if that was a personal attack.I understand...business is business.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

We have asked this guy if we can come and take a look at these since we are local. Will report back findings if he lets us come over.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

let us know vb pat cuase i could use some parts

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

I was gonna offer 400-500 and see if he takes it.

I could possibly double my money in parts.

Re: 5 spartas on ebay.

I got a hold of this guy. He said to come over anytime and take a look...

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