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what's the best Moped to buy for a 220lbs guy?

New moped for heavy rider

Hey-- I'm right there. 5'10, 220.

Brand new? Some kind of TOMOS, like a TTLX or revival.

My targa w/biturbo hauled me up the steepest hills

Are you really tall too? That could make a difference in what moped you'd sit differently on different bikes

I'm having issues with my weight and the stall/engagement on a scooter I'm trying to mod....

good luck-- let's see what other heavy riders have to say about it

Re: New moped for heavy rider

Used: go for a big bike, Peugeot 103, Vespa Grande, Puch Maxi MKII, Jawa 210. Do I need to say long seats are best for big guys?

Re: New moped for heavy rider

im not that big, only 5'8'' 160lbs......but you should go with either a puch maxi or a jawa 210 (like david said). i have used both kinds and they have alot of power

Re: Best Buy

Hi Steve, I'm about your size and the only ped I've found that gets me up hills w/out bogging is the Derbi Variant with the contiuously variable transmission.-Jim A.

Re: Best Buy

I'm 6'3" and 220 I have no problems with either of my mopeds- Sachs Westlake W/biturbo

Kinetic TFR with a vespa variator on it.

The Kinetic has better take off but a much lower top speed.

The sachs is a bit slow to take off, but momentum is my friend.

I just adjusted the hanlebars forward, and keep the seat low.

I attached a small fuzzzy pic of me riding the sachs


Re:Best Buy (Tomos??)

I should add that it would NOT take me up the steepest hills from a dead stop. We have some big ones, and I could take them, but not from a dead stop.... and if I had to slow down for any reason, I just might not make it.

The Revival, I hear, is designed to have more stock pulling power than the other models... and someone just added a Bi-Turbo to one... so that's cool.

From the sounds of the others, there are better 'stock' mopeds for bigger people. I heard the Moby's have huge frames.

I think making sure the new bike was comfortable and variator driven....

If you're in a state like maine, there is NO place to see, touch or sit on a new moped. Too bad you weren't going to Jersey or florida... make sure to visit a big moped showroom... wow... that's a cool idea.

I think Steve's Mopeds has a lot, always in stock.... Jersey? I think? you could always give them a ring and ask their opinion...from a salesperson... even if you didn't buy from them, you'd know what they were reccomending for larger people wanting new mopeds.

Do you have any moped retailers near you? probably not....



Re: Best Buy

my Vespa Grande has a variator, quick off the line, big frame and tires, long seat and it'll only slow to 25 mph on a steep hill from top end of 32 or so. Batavus HS50s are surprisingly strong in the top end for such a small top tank.

And, of course the Tomos Targa is great for big people.

Re: New moped for heavy rider

I bought two Tomos' over the weekend. They're great!

Thanks for your help.

Re: New moped for heavy rider

i went with Tomos. Thanks. The store had hardly any selection.-really just Tomos and some Indian model. The Tomos seems sufficient though. They're a little slow. I'm happy though.

Thanks for the help.

Re: What kind of TOMOS???

What did you buy?? What did you buy??

And, it's easy to beef 'em up....just the biturbo will help, and if you feel a lack of power, you could swap out a gear, and get a power sprocket. Lose some top end, but it'll pull like anything.

What model(s)?!?

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