crank lube im wondering, after going over my sachs, tighting and adjusting..i came to realize that there was no atf in the trans...that made me a little nervous, but i put some type f atf in it, and it seem's solid,...but then i was thinking about PA50'S.....and i don't remember them having any kinda trans/crank fluid at how the hell would the lower end get any kind of lube?.....if the piston rings did'nt would the bottom end get lubed up?.....

Re: crank lube

The bottom end of a 2 cycle engine is lubed by the oil in the mixture. When the gas is sucked in from the carburetor it goes in through the lower end. I know, for someone not familiar with the process this sounds wierd, but thats how all 2 strokes work.

Re: crank lube

.....o, is it a mist?....those parts are moving pretty fast......i don't know shit about 2 strokes...are 4 strokes more lubed up?....i mean do they last longer?......because they have a dedicated lube system?...

Re: crank lube

InfectedBootSector /

When I first started learning about 2 strokes, this boggled my mind until I saw a diagram of the ports on my puch motor.

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