moped alarm :D

is there a way to put like a car alarm or smaller on a moped?!?

crossing fingers

Re: moped alarm :D

I don't know about alarm, but you could put a switch in the electrical system that keeps the horn on all the time that only you know about, so if somebody starts it besides you the horn won't stop buzzing, you of course know where the switch is and can turn it off when you're riding.

Or you could tie a whole bunch of tin cans bells and other stuff to the moped, so if somebody makes a run with it everybody will look at them and wonder why there are so many cans tied to the moped, when your riding you just put them all into your saddle bag. OR, you could create some sort of lock, that locks the brakes so niether wheel moves making it impossibly to roll away, then weld a 75 pound weight to it so it too hard to carry.

Or you could just put a sticker on it that says "WARNING: alarm system" and put a battery powered blinking light above it, so it looks like it's armed.

Re: moped alarm :D

Recently I saw a posting where someone disconnected their coil as a deterrent. That sounded good since it doesn't involve extra weight or money.-Jim

Re: moped alarm :D

But what about people who don't just drive off, but pick up or just roll the bike away? they don't know that the ignition has been disconected, therefore it's still a good steal to them.

Re: moped alarm :D

Ive been thinking that you could buy one of those "so many minutes" deals on a really cheap cell phone, then wire up some kind of inverter or charger for the phone and hide it in your frame or screw a metal box together for it or something. Then you could always have the phone signal... (they can triangulate a cell phone signal right?)

Re: moped alarm :D

I think I solved it...

Mount a pressure sensitive button/switch in the seat, so that when weight (aka person trying to steal moped) is on it the horn goes off, but have another switch so you can dissarm it (off course this needs a battery to power the horn, or you'll have to leave your moped running, which wouldn't make any sense)

PS I'm still trying to figure out what a "smaller alarm" is.

Re: moped alarm :D

lol what happens if a telemarketer calls and the theif picks up the phone???mabey he would buy a magazine? and read it while riding your moped.

Moped alarm solutions

Do a search for "Alarm" and use all dates and look at the results. Also, search for "Shock" and use all dates. Scrutinize your results and you will find all the answers.

There are motion alarms that lock onto your moped. These are very difficult to destroy or remove, but make a lot of noise when activated.

You can use your whole moped as a postive charge, waiting to ground (through a model-t coil) to anyone who touches your moped. That's a whopping shock, which would deter most thieves. This takes some knowhow, but all the info has been presented here in the forum.

And elevator cable for a coil-lock, for bad areas, and for somwhat secure areas, a basic U-lock, or a couple krypto-coil locks.

If you are serious, there are very real options to protect your moped. The search I mentioned will illuminate the path to safety.

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