puch mods

i was wondering what the difference is between the proma the biturbo and if there is somewhere where i can just a 15mm bing carb... without the entire kit

Re: puch mods

< http://www.ikesbikes.com > Has them. Promas rock.

Re: puch mods

The proma circuit is the hiperf exhaust. The biturbo and proma country are not really hiperf, just higher flow stock exhausts. Both the proma exhaust and the bing 15 can be bought at www.mopedwarehouse.com

Re: puch mods

InfectedBootSector /

You can use the Bing by itself, but adding a large carb and doing nothing to the exhuast is really a waste of time.

Its like trying to shove an elephant through a mouse hole.

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