Dellorto 14/12 made huge difference!

I switched my stock Dellorto 14/9 with a Dellorto 14/12 that I bought off ebay last week for $10, and there is a huge difference in power and idling. My '76 Snark goes 5 mph faster, has better pickup and idles without any stalling.

The carb was in rough shape when I got it, but with a good soak, some new gaskets and a little tinkering, it runs perfect.


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Reeperette /

Now do some plug chops and make sure your mixture isn't too lean, and you should be good to go.

Enjoy !


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Matt Wilson /

What was your before and after speed?

What was the jet size in the old and new carbs?

Just curious


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larry ... i also have a snark. it had a 14.9 dellorto at first, too. they have poor speed and performance stock, it seems. not sure why they were built that way.

the 14.12 is the stock carb. so if you want more performance/speed, you can go to a 14.14 or even a 15.15. also, check out your front sprocket. mine had a 9-tooth. most minarellis have a 10-tooth or even an 11-tooth as stock. try one of those for more top speed. also ... check your cylinder/manifold. it might have a small opening. if you can find one, get a larger manifold for more performance. also, a bigger airbox will help. finally ... you can get a performance exhaust (polini makes a nice one).

i love the snark. it's perhaps the most classy/beautiful moped ever built. there's no reason why they should go slow. don't ever get rid of it ... but if you do ... my blue 1977 snark eagle deluxe would love a little sister.

Re: Toldja..

Thanks for the tips Miguel and everyone else who responded. That is good to know.

My Bianchi Snark went from a top speed of about 27 mph on a straight away to around 32 mph. The 14/12 jet is a #50. I couldn't read the old jet #.

I love my Snark also. It's a blue '76 Standard. It's peppy and very easy to maintain, as opposed to my '77 Motobecane which requires oodles of tinkering to keep running. I wouldn't sell it for the world. That's the problem with me and mopeds, I buy them and just can't bring myself to part with them once I fix them up.

Thanks again!


Re: Toldja..

for the record, my snark now does betwee 37-40mph. it started out at about 5-9mph. so a great improvement. if you can, try a 52 jet on that.

also, check the muffler (the snark mufflers are beautiful, if you got the two-piece model). cleaning it may help you get more power. also, take the cylinder head off and check for carbon build up. also, try a new spark plug (i prefer a bosch 4214 platinum).

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