How long to approve new branch?

Does anybody know the approximate length of time its takes MA to approve a new branch? I was corresponding with another guy on the forum list who said that his application has been filed for about 2 months with no reply. Just curious, thanks!

Re: How long to approve new branch?

Dan Webber Kastner /

We review branches twice a year, and then there is about a month or two between approval and getting on the website. what was the name of your proposed branch, and i can let you know where its at. We just went through branch review about a month and a half ago, so unless you were in that it will take a while. good luck.


swarm and destroy

Re: How long to approve new branch?

I think the proposed name was the First Capital 49'ers. It wasn't my application. Dan-- What's the latest I can submit a new application in order to get it reviewed at the next branch review? Thanks

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