Advice for Dave

Kevin Harrell /

I have been following your posts about your moped being stolen by the kids down the street, and have this advice.

What do you know about those kids; they are thieves, liars, and cowards. They also know how the legal system works.

So, if you do give them a beating for doing what they did, what will happen? THEY will go to the cops and do everything they can to get YOU into serious trouble.

Rember, life is not a John Wayne moovie where someone who gets the beating they deserve does the honorable thing and tells the authorities that the reason he looks beaten up is that he tripped. These are thieves, liars, and cowards, they have no honor, they will tell the cops that they got beaten down for no apparent reason, and do everything to make themselves look like innocent victims. Even if the cops do not beleive that they were innocent victims you will still have some explaining to do. Rember, in the eyes of the law the fact that someone really deserves a beating is no defence to giving them the beating that they deserve.

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