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I bought a tomos targa used (96) and the oil has never been changed. I do not have the owner's manual, just wondering if anyone could explain to me how to do the oil change, ie what type of oil and where to put it, how to drain, etc. That would greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Re: need TOMOS help OIL CHANGE

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On the right side of the trans casing is a large screw, that's where the oil goes in...but we'll get to that in a moment.

On the underside is a similar screw or bolt - put a drain pan under there, and remove it...that'll drain the works.

On the side is a flathead screw with a paper washer under it, that's a level check screw, useful to remove that as well to avoid overfilling.

Now, Dexron ATF is what goes in there, 220cc's worth of it, but I would "flush" it a bit first - it's hard to get it in that little hole at the top, so try using a straw, a funnel, and some tape - you'll figure it out.

After flushing, replace the bottom screw/bolt, and fill till it begins to dribble a bit from the level check screw hole - then put that screw back in, and the top one, and yer all done.

Pretty simple, other than getting it in that damned teensy gole.

Good luck.


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