I may have to sell all my 'peds

ive had a lot of bad stuff happen today, which may cause me to have to sell all my mopeds.

today my friend Jenna & i went to Market Basket in Westford (a town about 6miles from where we live) to pick up some stuff for her boyfriends birthday party. she asked me to bring her car (a 1993 GMC safari van) around to the front of the store so loading bags in would be easier and faster. so i went to back out of the parking space, and forgot that its a damn truck steering system and chassis and you need to turn that wheel a LOT of times to get any signifigant amount of turn. i ended up scraping into someones car. well, we both got home, and about 3 hours later, jenna comes over all worked up and nervous and says that someone had reported the accident, and the police called her dad, this is very bad, because shes 18 and just got her license and im only 17 and only have a permit! so now where it stand is that we both are probably going to lose ANY vehicle operating rights and have to pay for the damage i caused. which means im going to probably have to sell ALL of my mopeds and part out the motorcycle i was trying to restore, and i wont be able to get a license till im 21. so you guys may not see a whole lot of me around here anymore.

-Garret :(

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

damn it dude, that sucks terribly. If you want my advice, Be very nice to the cops nd the judge(if you have to go to court) Tell them about all the good things you have doen. They are usually very resonable if your nice, and seem like a good kid.

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

david f martin /

See if you and your folks can work something out with the owner of the car you hit, and keep insurance and cops out of it... I don't know if you can do that, since it WAS hit and run, but you might try talking with the owner and see...


Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

get you rass on the phone and apoligies and offer to help as much as you can and hope the owner is cool.

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

If this happened on private property (a retail business's parking lot?) .. then I don't think your drivers license will be affected at all.

(or .. not in the eyes of the law)

I believe this is a property damage case no different than if you were playing catch and threw a ball through a window.

It CAN affect her (or her dad's) insurance .. or .. you guys pay the damages.. in which case even the insurance shouldn't be affected.

Now you know to be more careful .. you will REALLY know it after you get done paying.

..... ouch ...

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

In court, truck drivers involved in similar situations claim ignorance and say that they could not "feel" the impact of their truck with the other vehicle. This usually stands up in court in terms of negligence. I would advise that you make a statment like this to the police, say sorry, and have Jenna's parents file an insurance claim for all damages.

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

see my reply to fred's msg

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

Liz Szabo /

Where I live there are lawyers that advertise free consultations. Usually these are done by phone and of course they give you a quote on representing you. If that is available in your area they often give you great ideas and of course you don't have to hire them. Might be good to know what the law says instead of worrying about what might or might not happen. Also looks good to your parents and Jenna's that you are trying to do the right thing and be responsible.......they've made mistakes too!


Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

InfectedBootSector /

Damn man! Ya hit a car and didn't stop to tell anyone?

Bad decision man! Not all is lost though! If it is your first accident, you may get off easy. Did you know you hit the car?

I know sometimes in those big vehicles, its real hard to see, and even harder to feel bumps and stuff.

Get a lawyer! May be $$, but he may be able to save ya!

Any NEVER drive someone else's car until your 21! It can get ya in a heap of crap.

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

Matt Wilson /


You really should get a lawyer. A friend of mine got involved in drug trafficking last year in college.

He got caught with over $5000 worth of drugs in mexico, and to make a long story short, he only ended up with 50hrs of community service. However he paid $10,000 worth of legal fees and fines.

But when you compare that to jail time, (He was 19) and having intent to distribute on your permenant record it was well worth it.

Obviously, you are not in nearly that much trouble, but the point is get a lawyer. However much you pay the lawyer wil be well worth it in the end.

So don't jump to conclusions before anything happens alright?


I'm with InfectedBoot

Anybody who does a hit and run deserves what they get, whether they are mope members in good standing or not. My neighbour's wife crumpled my fender backing out of her driveway. Luckily it was one week BEFORE and not one week AFTER I had complete bodywork done on my car. When I asked my neighbour about it, she came running out saying, 'oh no, that happened last week!' so I knew she did it. An hour later, her husband came to my house and said that he checked the damage: blue paint on his grey car, grey paint on my blue fender in exactly the same spots and said they must have done it and offered to pay. I told him it was no big deal as I was getting a body job done anyway, but guilty denial isn't very neighbourly. "You've got three kids who play in the street and if someone in your family uses your back bumper as a sensing device, well, I don't have to tell you what could happen," I said. I think he got it.

So, I have little sympathy for someone who hits a vehicile, then selfishly worries about how this will affect his/her pedding and looks for advice on how to avoid the consequences.

Owning up is usually the best strategy. Take it like a man Garret. Phone the guy, apologize, offer to pay for his damage, put your best (guilty) face forward, and hope he's not too pissed. The cops could givce a rat's ass, they have better things to do, like Krispy Cremes.

Re: I may have to sell all my 'peds

that sucks

Re: I'm with InfectedBoot

InfectedBootSector /

Tell me about it! I had two hit and runs on my car after I had it painted. All in the same week, in the parking lot at the University I go to.

I reported it, but ended up paying for it myself.

Fess up man, and take it like a man. You'll feel better about it later. Trust me!

At least you won't have anyone hunting ya down then.

Re: I'm with InfectedBoot

vivaknievel /

Adding my two cents of agreement. Hit and runs are never cool. But the damage is already done. Call the guy, tell him the truth, it was a mistake, that you were scared... and now you want to handle it like an adult and you will work your arse off to pay off the damages. And if they say no... I think you should take Liz's advice and get a legal consultation somewhere. Could spare you, your friend and her dad MUCH trouble. Yeah, it may cost money to get a lawyer in the end, but already you're going to be out money if you do nothing... plus you will have to get rid of your peds... if you should have to get a lawyer, maybe they can get some kind of provision for you that will allow you to keep the peds, if you promise not to drive a car... I dunno. Besides if you can take care of this thing as quickly as possible, that's the sooner you'd be able to save up to get new peds anyway, if you did have to get rid of them.

I wish you the best of luck. But yeah, taking full responsibility for your actions is the only way to move forward without it coming back to bite ya on the arse.

- Jaye

Re: I'm with InfectedBoot

I scraped a guy's Saab in a parking lot once, found him and told him to get me an estimate and I'd take care of it. He got one for $500, said he thought it was too much, and would look for a cheaper one. I said whenever you want to get it done let me know. That was 2 years ago and still he hasn't called, but he knows he has a marker. Honesty pays; I'll never trust my neighbour again, esp. as we've lived on the same street for 18 years and she tried this.

Re: Free lawyers at College

Just an FYI, I think Garret is a bit young for this advice, but most universities offer free legal aid for part time and full time students.

At USM, if you're enrolled in only 2 classes you get a free lawyer for anything you need....even if you just want to friviously sue someone, the lawyer will help you.

I was not aware of this until I was a post-grad, but I could have used it several times before I graduated, if I knew about it.

Legally, I think Fred's on target--- Parking lots are almost always "No Fault" zones... which is good, in Garret's situation.

Re: Free lawyers at College

InfectedBootSector /

I had forgot to mention that Wayne! My girlfried's mom had someone back into her a few days ago, and then tried to say it was not her fualt. There was no damage done to her mom's CRV, but the lady that backed into it really smashed up her car.

The insurance company told the lady that since it happened in the parking lot, that each company was responsible for their own customer.

Garrett will get nailed for running though!

Re: Free lawyers at College

yeah, there's the civil suit side of it, though, which can cost you more. Phone the guy, Garret, and plead culpable ignorance, like "I'd have stopped if I knew, but I'm not used to driving truck. Let me pay for the damage."

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