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InfectedBootSector /

Hey all! I know we have discussed it before, but what do you guys think about combining a moped and scooter magazine? I think there would be a large subscription rate.

I think I can do this, but need some input.

We would need people to write articles and such as well!

Re: Moped/Scooter Magazine

The lack of good scooter and moped news is the biggest block. I was thinking of making it a free E-zine, and then, if we got traffic, make it a physical publication.

It's not like Eurasia, where cool NEW 50cc concept bikes are on the street all the time... the good old USA makes sure we only have a few new toys to review or play with.

If we wanted to to a "world" magazine, that would be easier. I'm good (and have fun) tracking down weird moped news, although it always involves death or something that makes moped riders look dumb....

Plus, we could review or pre-view foreign 50cc machines... or open it up a little more... the "Alternative transportation monthly"

Cover segway, scooters, mopeds, bike engines, electric bikes, hydrogen fuel cells, solar bikes... and look at the technology behind all these cool inventions...

The more unusual the mode of transportation, the more likely it'll make front page. We could even look at the "Sky Scooters" in the most recent edition of popular science.

Just ideas.. I'm glad this one is being tossed around again.

Re: Moped/Scooter Magazine

Some people argued that "All E-zines are junk, and equal to spam..."

but I personally think if you could create a quality E-zine, then the jump to a subscription and a paper publication would be easier.

As in:

"We've been your favorite free "alternative transportation" E-zine for a full year now, and we are making the jump to a physical publication of a newsletter or magazine.... Online content will still be updated, but not will the full articles...."

So, if you LOVE the first two paragraphs of the article.... you HAVE to order a copy to get the whole scoop......

Cover the whole world that "mopeds" are the tip of...

"Bus: Nightmare or an Easy ride..."

"The ankle express... tips on walking for fun and exercise..."

"Fred's bizarre antique motorcycle section..."

and the ever popular "Is your bike a moped?"

Some humor mixed in, but I think it's a great idea, just buggy

Re: Moped/Scooter Magazine

InfectedBootSector /

Sound's great Wayne! I was actually thinking of the E-Zine myself...

Gotta get a domain, ISSN number, etc...

I can get webspace here at work for nothing, so that's not a problem!

Lemme know and we will get rollin!

I am down with that.

Reeperette /

Hell, you could prolly reprint about 20-30% of what I've posted here as content, if you wanted to, and I don't mind at all.


Re: I am down with that.

InfectedBootSector /

Yeah.. I would release it free to start. I don't want to make $ off of it, but we will have to cover some costs somehow...

Re: I am down with that.

you would need photographers, i could offer some service there.

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