can i pass a mb5 off as a moped?

chuck russo /

someone offered me alot of money for my mk2 with a kit on it. so i am gonna sell it. but then i will need another ride and i have been thinking about getting a honda mb5, do u think i can pass this off as a moped? we dont have pedal laws in va and i think if i rip off the honda stickers i am pretty sure cops will think its a moped.

do u think it will work? never been pulled over riding my moped, and i drove crazy all the time and was always speeding threw 25mph zones and stuff....actually trying to get a ticket cuz i thought it would be funny to get a ticket on a moped

Re: can i pass a mb5 off as a moped?

what is the displacement? maybe...

depends on just how dumb ol' barney (fife) is...

do live around a bunch of bubba's? I live In North Myrtle Beach, SC. Most of the cops around here joined the force because of their impotence problem. They can't get a chubby unless their being a dick, so they look for ANY excuse to pull someone over...

Did I mention that Myrtle And North Myrtle PD are pretty much self supporting from all the fines they have for pretty much everything? If you get arrested for anything that has a fine (speeding<$200 and up>, public drunk<$400>,LOUD MUFFLER<$1015 !!!>,ect...), your fine IS your bond. You have to pay CASH (or credit card, or western union...) to get out of city jail. If you DON'T pay within about 24 hrs, they take you to the COUNTY DETENTION CENTER 40 to 50 miles away in the middle of nowhere and you do time... Sure you COULD come back to town AFTER your vacation, spend a day or two messing with court.... But THEY ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY!!! A nice, LEGAL way to turn it all into 'Guilty until proven Innocent,' because you have to turn around and prove you're innocent to get your money back.

Re: can i pass a mb5 off as a moped?

chuck russo /

i live in fairfax, its in northern va and very busy. lots or traffic everyware. i have only seen 1 motorcycle pulled over out here, and dont see too many cars either. only time u see cops out here for the most part is at a wreck.

the displacement of the honda is 50cc, its a 5 or 6 speed reedvalve 2 storke. they do like 55 bone stock and made then in 1982 only. its a small bike, looks like a top tank moped for the most part

Re: can i pass a mb5 off as a moped?

Do you need registration? In maine we don't worry about the cops, but the people at the registry. If you can get the idiots at the registry to 'tag' your ninja as a moped, it's a "moped"

They gave us a really hard time about registering our new scooters as mopeds.... tried to convince us they were motorcycles....

we did get tehm registered as moped, but they hassled us.... finally I got rude and threw the owners manual at him, and asked what size my engine was.....and that I was sick of playing paperwork games.

We got 'em registered, but it was a pain. Future renewals will be easy.

Re: can i pass a mb5 off as a moped?

It'd be nice if you could. Maybe don't let them see the shifter lever, or convince them that the kick-start is a pedal.....

depends on the state.

I'd like to do that with my ar80, but they probably won't let me it's 80cc's and 6 speeds. It's the same thing as the mb5, only made by Kawasaki, and also only available in '82

Re: Monster halfbreeds

But, what if the VIN from a moped was on it.... like a frankenbike...

Now, does anyone remember who was talking about registering a TOMOS as a moped, but then bolting a CR-80 engine or a CR-50 engine into it??

That was either a brilliant idea, or some troller posting crap. Never found out which it was.

Re: Monster halfbreeds

Reeperette /

>>Now, does anyone remember who was talking about registering a TOMOS as a moped, but then bolting a CR-80 engine or a CR-50 engine into it??

That was either a brilliant idea, or some troller posting crap. Never found out which it was.<<

I remember it, the guy was asking about feasibility, and I told him hell yes it's feasible...just look at the Trac someone posted with a Puch engine on it.

If you can mount the engine, and line the correct chain up to the rear wheel, you could mount just about ANY small cycle engine to a moped frame.


Re: Monster halfbreeds

If you REALLY want to go there....

I know it wouldn't be a moped, but I've always had this sick fantasy of taking a CR500 engine and putting it on say, a CB125 frame, or (more realisticly) a XL600 with 18' rims on both ends, 3' less suspension travel @ both ends, heavier springs and recalibrated shocks and fork tubes...

would TECHNICALLY be street legal. and just about EVERY bike under 1000cc that jumped on it would feel SO hurt...


david f martin /

I've seen a couple of Honda Passports (70cc, gears and clutch) running around Greenville, SC with Moped tags on them... They're step-thru, though, so they look more like a moped than a small motorcycle.


Re: Passport

yea, I have never seen a motorcylcle get pulled over around here either. do drive on west ox? I alway see someone on a ped driving by. but I think you might be able to pull it off, as long as you don't get pulled over u'll be fine, u have to do something first to get pulled over, i think around here, not sure anyways enjoy yourself

Re: Monster halfbreeds

Fred practically said the CR500 is " a god-awful machine with more power than a beginner rider could ever handle..."

Sounds like you'd have a real sick machine.

A friend who is a great rider and racer of bigger bikes was chewing up race machines with slicks on his CR-500... nothing they could do about it. By the time they were going faster than him, they had passed the finish line.

Re: Monster halfbreeds

gotta be careful, though. In the Sixties, guys used to take cars with 327 cubes or 350s, put 427s or 450s in them, stiffen the suspensions, add heavy-duty shocks and big engine mounts, etc. Problem was, as a 64 Vette owner told me, you have to go around about once a week and tighten the bolts or it would squeak like hell and eventually shake apart. Sort of like a ped.

Re: Passport (Tricking the Registry)

Dave, that's cool, it means someone tricked the registry into thinking they had a moped.

I was wondering, if you could go and take your bike license test on a moped, or scooter??

Probably varies state by state, even instructor to instructor...

Take the test on a 50cc scooter, then go buy a 1700cc motorcycle... hehehehe...

Or tell 'em you're gona go buy a 400cc scooter, so you want to be tested on a scooter...

I wouldn't mind having a bike license...but I don't think I'd dare to ride something on two wheels with an engine more powerful than my car....and my car's a 4 cyl wimp.

Re: Passport (Tricking the Registry)

david f martin /

Here in SC, you don't need a license, insurance, registration or a tag to operated a moped, which is defined as: 50cc, 30mph, 2 brake horsepower, no manual shifting or manual clutch.

Thank goodness for variators!

I've seen a few 'peds around here with a tag that says, "MOPED" (no identifying numbers or anything, just "MOPED" and some small print), but the tag isn't required, as far as I know. I've put a few thousand miles on the bikes I've had, with no tag on them at all.

At one time, SC did require registration and a special moped license, so I guess that's where those strange "MOPED" tags came from.


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