Proma on Camino PA50

Hi, I have a (maybe stupid) question, but ... what will happen when I install a Proma Circuit exhaust on my PA50? (I am using all original parts right now) Will it go faster on that original 50cc, or will it only improve acceleration? If so, will it make a fine difference?

Thx in advance!

Re: Proma on Camino PA50

...PA-I OR PA-II?....if it's a PA-II, you'll be hauling ass (do the vairaitor mod, also).......with the v-mod and the proma, on a PA-II, you should be 35-40 mph.....if it's a PA-I, then doubt it would do much, without putting a PA-II reed valve and intake manifold on it first....

Re: Proma on Camino PA50


i have one on mine... made a huge difference in accel AND top speed.

you should also check out the variator ramp mod. search the forum for directions. i have done that and added the proma.. and my honda will do well over 40. and i weigh close to 175 lbs.

good luck

Re: Proma on Camino PA50

The Proma is definitely the way to go. Plus it looks really cool.

Re: Proma on Camino PA50

what about the other exhausts they have on has anybody ever tried them out? such as the import?


Re: Proma on Camino PA50

nope.. but marcel (the owner of fully endorsed the proma versus the others.

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