Garelli doesnt idle...

my garelli gran sport shuts off after you break. right now in order to keep it running while im not riding...i have to hold break and pull on throttle until i take off. i just got this working a few days ago. is the bike suppose to keep running until i kill engine? is there anything else to try besides the idle screw?

Re: Garelli doesnt idle...

yeah, clean out your carb..

Re: Garelli doesnt idle...

i did. its 100% spot less and clean. cleaned it twice..


Hey i had the same problem with my PA50. Found there was water in my fuel tank and in the carburetor.

Removed it and the prob was solved :)

Re: water

positive there is no water in either.

Re: Garelli doesnt idle...

I assume your exhaust isn't clogged either?

Re: Garelli doesnt idle...

no. it starts up after two pedals. when i break it just shuts off. i mean...if i let go of throttle itll die...if its still rolling..all i do is push clutch again and give a little gas and its back on...its weird...maybe i should mess with the idle needle?

Re: Garelli doesnt idle...

Matt Wilson /

It sounds like your clutch is locked up.

If the bike will idle on the stand but not on the road you have a clutch problem. If it will not idle on the stand you need to give your idle screw on the carb a few turns.

If it is a clutch problem its usually just build up residue. I've never worked on a garelli, but I had to clean out my peugeot clutch.


ive tried and tried..

could just be the carb? i tried messing with the needle. it starts up easier but it still doesnt idle. it stops once you stop giving it gas. the carb has been cleaned a bunch of times. could it just be a bad carb?

Re: ive tried and tried..

Matt Wilson /

Try turning the idle screw (probably the only screw you can see from the outside of the carb). This will adjust how much the throttle is open at idle. The needle adjusts the midrange air gas mixture.

I can never remember which direction the screw goes to make it idle faster. Just turn it both ways with the engine running. You'll figure it out quickly.

And if you have 2 exterior screws as you might on a dellorto carb one is the idle air fuel mixture screw and the other is the idle screw. Just play around with them and see if anything improves.

Also as a quick and not the best way to fix your problem, just tighten your throttle cable a bit. This will sometimes fix your problem


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