met a guy who's son rode a moped 1015 miles

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well i put my wrecked crotch rocket on ebay... well the guy came to my house to pick it up and when i was getting the crotch rocket out of the garage i noticed he had stickers from a moped shop that used to be near my house...i asked if he worked there and eh said no but said he was good friends with the owner. i told him i had a moped and i showed him my magnum mk2. and he was like yeah my son has a lx that does 63 so i asked him what bore kit he had on it. we was like its still 50cc. i was like u got to be kidding and he told me the mods they did to it and then he was like yeah my son rode it over 1000 miles. i asked him if his son was the kid who rode a moped from montanna to michigan and he was like yep. i laughed and told him about how i saw his lil story on i told him i might be getting another tomos and if i do i will e-mail him about modding it out like he did his sons.........

this is what the guy posted on

My name is Leon Begeman. My son Mike ( ) owns the moped, it's a '96 Tomos Targa LX. Ours is the world's toughest moped!

On the 12th and 13th of July, 1997 Mike rode it 1015 miles from Cut Bank, Montana to Saginaw, Minnesota in 24 hours. Average speed was about 42 mph, including stops. Top speed was 59.5 mph with a 20 mph tailwind and down a long hill in Montana. It used 9.7 gallons of fuel for an average of 104 mpg.

The bike was modified somewhat. The exhaust port was widened by 5 mm on each side, lowered by 5mm and raised by 4mm. It has a two piece Biturbo exhaust pipe which was shortened by about 4 cm. The front sprocket was increased from 26 to 30 teeth, the rear reduced from 22 to 19 teeth for a total increase in gearing of 34%. It has a 16mm Del Orto carb and an intake manifold made from the stock exhaust pipe. The piston and head were not modified, it has not been over-bored to provide additional displacement (yet).

We also have an '81 Tomos and a Peugeot from the 1960s.


kinda cool eh?

Re: met a guy who's son rode a moped 1015 miles

that might be the moped guy??? probly not because the moped guy goes accross the country

Re: met a guy who's son rode a moped 1015 miles

chuck russo /

na, its not the mopedguys

who is the moped guy?

being a newby, I dont know who the moped guy is, even though I hear a lot about him. Who is he?

-the dude abides

Re: who is the moped guy?

chuck russo /

the moped guys are 2 guys who road cross country on 2 stock targa lx's and now they are gonna ride from NY to FL

Re: who is the moped guy?

<best frank rizzo of the jerky boys> ohhhhhhhhh!!! my aaasssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best I've done was burlington,nc to dunn, nc. but I had those threaded rod struts insted of rear shocks...

Re: who is the moped guy?

when are they gonna go?

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