hole in gas cap

would the gas milage be affected if my gas cap has a hole in it?? i dunno if it does but i'm just wondering...

Re: hole in gas cap

lol how would it???

It's supposed to be there

Hi Drew:

Most gas caps have a small pin-hole size hole in them to allow air to flow into the tank as gas-mix flows out. This allows the fuel to drain properly without a vacuum forming and preventing fuel from flowing.

Assuming you don't have a huge hole in your gas cap, it's probably there by design.


Re: It's supposed to be there


Re: It's supposed to be there

ummm actually it looks like it was hit with a screwdriver

Re: It's supposed to be there

bradccool /

ok......think about it this way if u suck your beverage threw a straw and put ur finger over the top of the straw.......nothing will come out.............it works the same way with a gas tank........there has to be some small hole..........if u dont have the original gas cap......then maybe that one didnt have a hole in it......and somone had to make a hole so it would work........either way it would not effect your gas milage......or anything else! except maybe it leaking when ur moped is upside down............how often will that happen!!!

Re: It's supposed to be there

OK... you are asking if the gas fumes coming out of a 'damage hole' .. has enough vapor in it to decrease your measured gas mileage ?

Maybe a little .. put a piece of duct tape over it.

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