Hey ham! (Garelli)

You never told us what it took to get your Garelli going.

Nobody will learn anything here if all we have is questions with no answers.

Something must have got your 'ped going, despite the answer not being in Fred's Guide as was implied.

At least i want to know...


Re: Hey ham! (Garelli)

I was wondering too. Was it one of those little things that slip by, or the annoying things?

Re: Hey ham! (Garelli)

Oh, sorry about that. I honestly dont know what the problem was. Me and my brother took out the front cylinder and unflooded the carb...I had a cleaner front cylinder which we switched to. While we were doing this my uncle stopped by and he put everything back for us. Some how...he got it starting. He did exactly what we did and it started. Maybe he has magic hands. I still need to get the spedometer working and have to get it to idle. It shuts off once you break. Its a drag to have a car behind you and to start pedaling your way to start...

front cylinder?

Do you mean your cylinder for your piston? I was under the impression that your crank case was losing compression.. was I right? Did your uncle replace the gasket? Threadlock the studs?

Re: front cylinder?

I didnt mean cylinder..I meant the Garelli head...

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