snapped throttle cable

I was out for a ride the last night, cruzing along about 5 mile from home and my throttle cable snapped. and I kicked my self for leaving the house without my leatherman milti tool...

I had to pull the cable by hand, my thumb was bleeding by the time I got home..

So where is a god place to get replacement cables? Its for a 79 peugeot 103...

Re: snapped throttle cable is where i get my cables...tomarrow my rear brake cable is commin in from there. how do u post a link for a website???


Re: snapped throttle cable

10 speed cable---seriously...

joe jones sports!

Re: snapped throttle cable

Just bring the old end, and match it up with the end that is closest...

you'll need a bench grinder or a drill w/rotary file to get the bead the same as goes into your carb..

at least on a Tomos it was not too hard

Re: snapped throttle cable

I use a universal throttle cable available at my local motorcycle shop. I "shape" the end with my Dremel tool. i have found that bicycle cables tend to be thinner and can snap/fray prematurely.

Re: snapped throttle cable

russ larry's right, but it's the difference between a trip to roberts or reynolds or a trip to the bike stock brake snapped, but the 10-speed cable held up fine.

like 3 bucks at the bicycle much for the universal at the MB shop?

Re: snapped throttle cable

I pay $4 for them. I bought a few of them so I would have them when I need them.

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