Bore kit+Tomos= Broken Tomos

Well, i was playing around with my ignition today, trying to get the bore kit to work right, and the keyway for the crankshaft and flywheel just destroyed itself. So theres no keyway anymore. I thought, i could just line-up the flywheel, where it should be, but the damn thing wont go more than 25 mph, no mattter what i do with it. I'm pretty much screwed at this point. I can only hope to find a used engine or something now, because no matter what happens, that bore kit is gone

RE: Bore kit+Tomos= Broken Tomos

Ron Brown /


This may not be a terminal problem. Have someone take a look at it who has some experience with this kind of problem before you give up.


RE: Bore kit+Tomos= Broken Tomos

Reeperette /

Awww, crap....I didn't think to ask, but was this an A5 Targa Engine or an A3 "Alpha" Bullet engine ?

Cause this sounds like the reason WHY you don't drop that upgrade kit on an A3 Engine set, the A3 Pistonarm assembly is slightly different in size from the A5 Pistonarm assembly, and this can, and will, cause major problems eventually.

Still, as Ron says, it may not be terminal, but you will need a salvage A5 Trans, to hook it up to, in order to get it running right.


RE: Bore kit+Tomos= Broken Tomos

no, its on a 99 targa lx. But i found a whole motor for a decent price. I was thinking about leaving the bore kti off for now. I was also thinking about getting a transmismission/crank that i would keep for only the bore kit, if i ever wanted to use it

RE: Bore kit+Tomos= Broken Tomos

Tim, you could restore the "desroyed" engine for not that much money. It really depends on how severe the damage is. If the groove for the woodruf key in the crankshaft is worn out you could replace the crankshaft for about $100, $10 for the gaskets and $15 for a workshop manual. BTW you'll need to have good tools too.

The main reason why those woodruf keys destroy themselves is because the flywheel wasn't mounted propperly. If the flywheel could rotate on the crankshaft even just a fraction it'll destroy the woodruf key, the flywheel should be rigidly attached to the crankshaft.

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