Kinda funny

It seems like every time I complain about not seeing anyone around here with a moped, another one shows up. I guess I should complain more?

Met a guy at an auto parts store downtown. Old place- no computer, just catalogs. One of the guys started talking to me about my moped, and he said he has one in his garage. Hasn't touched it because he heard that all mopeds were now classified as motorcycles, and he didn't want to register as a motorcycle. I set him straight, and gave him a card.

He has a Motobecane, and it goes 15MPH -- He's happy with that figures that the other side of 20 is just too fast for a moped.

Now the dilemma- should I try and get it from him, or just encourage him to get it running and on the road.

Re: Kinda funny

help him get it on the road...more people with one moped is better than less people with more mopeds.


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