1977 Cimatti.

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Ann associate of Mine has recently been told by the local county that He needs to clear off His back acarage, and in the procceess of helping Him sort out the many things there, we came accross a 1977 Cimatti, in quite good shape(its been covered for MANY years) with matching leather saddlebags and the original paintjob, and very little in the way of rust.

Well, He's to old to ride it, and its to small for Me, so the general consensous is to sell the little thing.

What I'm wanting to know, is what sort of price can we expect to get for it, and how likely are we to find a buyer? Yes, it runs. the headlight works, as does the spedometer. all it needs is a good cleaning up.

Re: Try the buy/sell forum

Check to see what prices are there and post accordingly.

Be sure to state where you're located to get the most likely hits.



I'd say around $300

That seems like a good price for a running moped that needs some work. If it really has little or no rust, and just needs dusting off/maybe some surface rust, maybe $350.

Might get more on Ebay, some of the mopeds on there go for a few hundred more than they might be worth.

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