right or wrong?

gimmyjimmy /

a lawyers dream....

I know they're referring to bicycles, but given the number of motorbikes and scooters in Europe, could they be next?


in the states, it's MOSTLY the cars fault also.

Re: right or wrong?

I use to drive streetcar trams here in Toronto. Up until the 70's they fell under the Railway act and not the Dept. of Highways. No drivers licence was needed to operate a streetcar and if an automobile had any kind of accident on the rails with a streetcar, it was the cars fault no matter what happened. If you were stopped at a red light on the tracks and a streetcar crashed into the back of you , it was your fault. This all changed about 1983 when streetcars were put under the Highway act and a drivers licence was required. bruce

Re: right or wrong?

gimmyjimmy /

open season on cars.....with a TRAIN!!

that's cool,

ever smash any Bruce?

Re: right or wrong?

I had a guy cross over the centre line , hit me almost head on, smashed the side of his car from front to back and wanted me not to report it. I said that I had to because there was thousands of $$ damage to his car and some to the streetcar. When the cop asked the guy what happened, he said that the streetcar crossed over the centre line and hit him. The cop was killing himself laughing.bruce

Not a lawers dream

Kevin Harrell /

Hey, if it is always the motorists fault what is there to argue about? So, there will be no lawyers being paid to argue if it was the car drivers fault or the bicyclist fault. Thousands of European lawyers will be unemployed and facing starvation.

If this law is passed in Europe the U.S. will have to send international aid to all those starving attorneys and their families.

Or better yet, export our criminals to Europe. We save on the cost of keeping them in prison, and the starving European attorneys can make a living off of defending the U.S. criminals when they get caught, and writing contracts for the construction of new prisons in Europe.

Re: Not a lawers dream

gimmyjimmy /

starving attorneys???


then they can sue the bakers for making them fat.

<img src="http://www.goboatingamerica.com/cgi-bin/ubb/rolleyes.gif">;

Re: right or wrong?

geez, bruce, i'm having second thoughts about lending you the old vespa again....

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