Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

What are you guys who have kitted or stock Hobbits get for gas mileage?

I have a pretty much stock 80' Pa 50 II and Im getting pretty bad gas mileage. I was expecting 80-100 to be normal, but instead, Its running about 40mpg.

Am i burning this much up, or is it possible that the little puddle of "grease" under my moped each night is actually a slow gas leak and what Im seeing is the remnants of 2-stroke oil from the leak.

1. There is no leak in the gas line.

2. I recently replaced all the petcock gaskets, (no leaks!), but as a consequence, the petcock cant be shut "off", gas line is always open. No noticible drips, other than the puddle the next day.

what is your gas mileage?

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

air leak would be my guess

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

i dont think an air leak would be the cause.

my modded hobbit gets about 40 mpg.

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

not sure an airleak is causing the gas mileage issue. there are no issues with idle, which should indicate that the carb is relatively air tight.

what are others with hobbits getting for gas mileage.?

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

I get about 70 or so with my 225lb self on it, stock...fix the petcock or ALWAYS run stabilized fuel...I always run my carb dry if not going to ride for a few days or even keeps fuel from gumming up in carb...after spending a bit of my life I will never get back getting carb right I don't want to have to do it again..also are you sure you are not running on reserve? you should not get 40 miles out of reserve but I'am not sure how tank is set up inside...coud be an issure, my Pa-50II is stock with a top speed of 31-32 max. Best of luck! Have you cleaned your plug and your exhaust system? also check for bad plug wire could be getting you a lame spark and incomplete combustion. I know I'am anal about the running the carb dry thing...but it has worked well for me.

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

Get a new petcock. You are correct in that that spot under the bike is from the oil left after the dripping gas has evaporated.

My stock bike with the Proma Circuit exhaust is getting about 90mpg.

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

new petcocks are a bit pricy for me.... 15-20bucks +shipping

also I have an in line gas filter is between the tank and carb. This means even if I shut off the gas at the petcock, it will take a good mile or so to run that line try. (ive tried it before)

Is it possible or recommended that I just purchase an in-line fuel shut off valve and mount it between the carb and the fuel filter?

are there any problems with this set up?

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

What good is a valve between the filter and the carb going to do if the problem is with the petcock in the first place?

Hmmm...starting to make me think...Is the fuel leaking from the outside of the petcock or is it leaking out of the carb because the fuel cannot be shut off?

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

Thanks for the help silverfox.

this is a more complete description of what im dealing with

1. I recently refurbished my stock petcock this winter. The "handle" is broken off, so you cant switch from on/off reserve.

2. Where there was old (1980) gaskets in the old petcock, I replaced them with brand new nitrile (gas resistant) gaskets. I put everything back together, cleaned the filter trap on the petcock, and now it has no leaks! Petcock has absolutely no leaks, its bone dry. Gaskets worked!

3. So the dilema is, that I cant shut the stock petcock to "OFF", its constantly in the open position. So you ask... "Why keep it on there?" because it has an extra filter trap, and allows the fuel line to connect to the stock tank.

4. With that in mind, does it make sense to simply buy an in-line fuel shut off valve, and place it between my non-leaking petcock/fuel filter and gas tank?

arranged like this:

gas tank---petcock---fuel filter----fuel shut off valve---carb

is this a good fix, or do you see problems with it?

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

Sure, if you are sure that the petcock is not leaking on the outside, OR NOT LEAKING THROUGH, another valve will work fine.

The other question is: what is actually leaking. The fuel is getting out of the carb somewhere/somehow.

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

Great, I think I will try the fuel shut off valve.

as to your other question.... I dont know how the gas is leaking out! here are two possibilities

1. The gas is flowing through the carb (gravity fed), pouring through the float and out the over-fill spout. There is a rubber tube connecting from the float bowl that I thought acted as an overfill relief. The rubber tube leaves the bowl, and protrudes down on top of the muffler. I presume that the gravity feed is pulling the gas through this overflow, down over the muffler (causing it to look greasy) and then dumping in a puddle on the ground

2. If the piston is left in just the right config, its possible, (but not likely) the gas is seeping through the carb, into the cylinder, and weeping through to the exhaust.

either way, the leak makes the gas tank loos "greasy" from the 2 stroke oil, when the gas evaporates off. Im going to try a briggs and stratton fuel shut off valve this weekend.

any other input is welcome!

thanks silverfox

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

Your float needle is not seating. Other than checking it for dirt on the seat there is not much you can do to fix it other than replacement.

So... drop the engine again and clean everything and especially the float seat and needle. Make sure that the float is not leaking. If it has a hole in it it will loose bouyancy, sink, and pull the needle off its seat.

If that doesn't get it, budget $100.00 for a new float needle and seat and also for the new petcock.

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage

your gas mileage is bad because of either your rings are shot,piston also,your air cleaner needs cleaning or your fuel line is too bigor a combo of all the above, do you have a manual? power/compression test will tell you something!GOOD LUCK HOBBITHEAD!!! JON COOK 5YEAR HOBBITT OWNER MY GAS MILAGE IS 92MPG!!!!!

Re: Honda Pa 50 Hobbit Gas Mileage


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