My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

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I put up a quick and dirty site about my Metro at

or try the link at:

<a href="">IBS's Metro</a>

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

that's ped porn. how fast?

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

someone tell me how to post a picture!InfectedBootSector wrote:

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

hey boot... thats a cool scoot.

but you should have gone for the yamaha vino! my friend just got one... and we took the restrictor out of the exhuast.. and it does a solid 45 and beats my 125cc VMA1 off the line by a long shot.

supposedly after all the variator mods we found to do to it, and the performance exhaust... it will do close to 60! still being 50cc. crazy.

as for as looks, its basically dead on the Vino though.

just out of curiosity, how much did you end up paying for it?

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

InfectedBootSector /

Yeah.. I had a lot of people tell me that about the Vino. I did a lot of research, and overall I think the Honda came out on top for a lot of reasons for me. I like the 4 stroke, liquid cooled motor. I'm semi-familiar with Honda motors, and there are two dealers locally. Ironically, I ended up getting the scooter from California. I live in MD, and with the local dealer in WV, I would have had to pay a little more in sales tax and all that crap. I got a good deal on the extended war. and I really liked the looks of the Metro over the Vino. Its sickly quiet and I do a lot of late night riding, which is also a big plus!

I've had it up to about 47 mph on a slight downgrade and 40 on the flats. With some mods that I here are coming out that will derestrict it, it should hit 50-60 no problem. I'm going to leave it stock and keep it legal becuase unlike my Puch, the Honda gets a lot more attention from the cops ( because 50cc scooters have only been legal for a year in MD with no tags/insurance/helmet). It climbs inclines better than any 50cc machine I have ever ridden!

I spent a little more than I would have liked to to have it shipped here, but it was well worth it and the dealer is awesome!

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

InfectedBootSector /


I got it with all the fees and crap for a little under 2k.

I do like the color schemes of the Vino better.

The 2 things the Honda really has going for it is watercooling and the 4 stroke. The water cooling system really helps here in the mountains where I have to tackle a lot of hills.

I think both are very capable machines though! the Vino is quicker, the Metro, cleaner and quieter, for about the same price for each.

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

nice little site infected. that will help alot of people that are interested. :>)


that scoot rules

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

yeah, i hear where you are coming from.. liquid cooled stuff just scares me. :)

did you look into the Bajaj Chetak? those are rad.. all metal construction, air cooled, 4 stroke.. manual 4 speed.

bajaj bought all the tooling for Vespa P200's. so they are basically the same body, but with a 4 stroke engine. if i had the $$, i could probably buy one.. they run about 2k, also.

but good buy, boot... hope you enjoy it!

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

InfectedBootSector /

Yeah, I looked at the Chetak, and would actually like to have one over this scoot, but I would have had to get a mc license and all that crap. The Bajaj scoots are awesome though! Wish I had a little more $$ to spend on insurance and the other things, becuase I would have had a Bajaj instead.

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

hey shane!

those are some great pics of your bike u got there! ill talk to u soon.


Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

yeah, im thinking of getting one when i get the cash saved up.

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

Fellow scoopy/metro fans,

before settling on my scoopy (which i don't regret), what i was really after was a Malaguti Yesterday.

Do any of you have any experience with this particular scooter?

i love the look of it & think it is much more stylish than the Metro/Scoopy, however they stopped importing them here late last year.

I'd kill for one though....can't seem to find a used one for sale either...

Re: My Honda Metropolitan Pictures

i never thought there was a such thing as a cool scooter....but damn this one is cool :)


Re: Speed

Just wondering how you know you've reached 47mph when the speedometer only goes as far as 40mph?

My speedo only goes as far as 60kms, so what speed i may reach after that i would have no idea.

Re: Speed

InfectedBootSector /

It's an estimate of course, but the way we do it, is we always have a car or a motorcycle follow. The motorcycle is better, which is what was used in this case. You mark off a mile and makesure your speedometers are very close, and then you have that person used markers to make sure they are passing them at the same time you are. Like a sign...

I rode by the sign, and then the guy behind me counts how many seconds it takes for me to get from the sign to the next marker.... when he counts the from the sign to the marker for himself, we have to see if it took him the same time to pass between the points as me. If not, then we have to do it over again on the next sign we find....

Pretty simply and fairly accurate if you don't have a radar gun, which I do have... the kind that you use to hit baseballs with, which does a good job here to. Its hard to get someone to time me with the gun though, because I have to get someone to come out on a long open road and stand there to time me... not exactly fun!

Re: Speed

thanks for the explanation... i would never have thought of that.

i wonder if there are any real differences between the Metropolitan released over there & the Crea Scoopy here.

do you have any idea about this?

do you think they are pretty much the same scooter mechanically?

Re: Specs

dear InfectedBootSector,

i'll admit it, when to mechanics i'm fairly hopeless.

would you be able to check this website & have a look at the specs for the Scoopy, & let me know how it differs/compares to the metropolitan?

i would appreciate your opinion.

click on "the motorcycles", then on "Scooter".

The scoopy should be the first one listed.



Re: Specs

I don't get why everyone likes the honda metro. I think it is a girly rip off of the old vespas and not nearly as nice. I don't care how fast or how clean, it is still an ugly, attempt to make scooters mainstream.

I wish that they didn't name them stupid things like sky and salsa.

Re: Specs

InfectedBootSector /

It really is a nice bike!

Don't get me wrong! The Vespas are kick ass scooters! I can't afford one though! A USED Vespa would cost twice what I paid for my Metro! I think the Metro is very high quality!

The names of the colors are dumb though. I just call mine red.

Its no sissy bike by any means... TONS of low end!

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