Side Stand for TOMOS !?

I put a BULLET exhaust on my TOMOS TARGA LX , and the original center stand always hit the road when i turn....!

I check to buy a SIDE STAND, but a lot of dealer said they are not stable !?

The owner of TOMOS moped, who have install this side stand, let me know your opinion about that !?

Thank's !

Re: Side Stand for TOMOS !?

i bought a side stand off of, i think that was where. But mines as solid as a rock. tell them to eat it.

Re: Side Stand for TOMOS !?

I too have bought a side stand from MWH, heavy duty and chrome, works fine.!! Doug D

Re: Side Stand for TOMOS !?

Somebody told me something about a side stand. I too was thinking about buying one. They told me that with a side stand, you cannot let the moped warm up... I think i might still get one even if it has its disadvantages...


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