Idea for a sachs jet

Matt Wilson /

I still can't seem to figure out why I'm not getting spark, but I should be able to get it to work soon. If you have a wiring diagram of a sachs please scan it!

But tonight I thought of something. The sachs jets are hard to get and kind of expensive. I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to put in the nozzle from a puch bing carb and then using regular puch bing jets. It looks like it will work, especially because bing made both sachs and puch carbs.

If it does it will make it much easier to get different jet sizes beyond a 58.


jets jets jets

I've been thinking of the same thing for my PA carb (no jets available) ... but I was going to use Mikuni 'small round mains".

They are available at nearly any good motorcycle shop (or they'll order them) .. in sizes from about 50 to 120 ? (their sizes) .. $3.50 at my local

Here are what they look like.

I think these are 'large round main' jets

<img src="">;

'long hex main' jets

<img src="">;

pilot jets

<img src="">;

Re: jets jets jets

In my case i was going to try drilling and tapping my standard main.. and then thread the small round mains into it.

Would be a tricky process .. but it might be better than drilling the stock ones for fuel flow size .. cuss then I could change sizes at will.

Re: jets jets jets

Matt Wilson /


Those mik jets look just like dellorto ones. Do you know if they will fit in a big dellorto carb?


Re: jets jets jets

Don't have a clue .. though its a possibility since they are bound to both be metric.

Being around motorcycle for so long you'da figured I'd've heard they would interchange if they did .. but ya never know.

... just take your carb with you to any motorcycle shop and ask the guy to bring out his Mikuni 'jetbox' and try a few.

(do it when he doesn't have a line of customers)

Remember there are 3 styles of Mikuni mains.

Re: jets jets jets

I know it's not the 'correct' way to do it, but you can always drill out the jet itself to resize it. the same Industrial supply store I got the stuff to make my struts for my bike has the right size drill bits and the hand drill to use for them. they are in both metric and standard and go increments of .01mm and .001" respectively. start with the largest drill bit that will easily fit into the hole in the jet and buy the next 2 sizes up. try the smallest bit first. replace the jet into the carb, and test it out. if it works don't go up. if it's still to lean, then drill with the next size.

I had done some MAJOR mods on my bike when I had it, and I needed a bigger jet than what was available for my tomos. I didn't have a choice in the matter.

as for trying different styles of jets from another TYPE of carb. may work, may not. the end on the float bowl side is shaped the way it is for a reason. it has a lot to do with the way the carb atomizes the fuel.also , it may or may not be the proper depth in the fuel bowl to draw the fuel properly, making it run WAY RICH or WAY lean.

like I said drilling may not be the best solution, but could be the lesser of 2 evils.

Re: Idea for a sachs jet

InfectedBootSector /

Matt. I am going to check on this for you, maybe on Friday.

A friend has a Sachs, and I have an extra Puch Bing that I can going to take down and see if the jets are the same size.

They should be, but I want to make sure.

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