BMW motocycles w/ bing carbs

check it out.. 2 BMW bing carbs.. for like 80 bucks..

I wonder how big the jetsizes are.

Re: BMW motocycles w/ bing carbs

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doood .. those are likely to be kinda big for a 50cc ped.

Probably 20mm to 24mm in diameter (the air passage)

If you could get one for $10 it might be worth trying to get it to work .. cause if it didn't .. who cares?

See the one cool thing on them ?

..... The float bowls are held on with that big 'clip' .. so you can clean the bowl/jets on the road with minimal tools if you have to .. just pop the clip and the bowl comes right off.

Re: BMW motocycles w/ bing carbs

Matt Wilson /


If you were to take a guess, what size would you say the jets are?

Lets say these are from a 500cc.

Just curious,


Re: BMW motocycles w/ bing carbs

Just a wild guess based on my experience with Mikuni carb jet sizes ... on a 650 sized 4 stroke twin cyl ?

120 mains ??

Re: BMW motocycles w/ bing carbs

those are probably for a 750 or 1000 cc bike. had a '74 k/75 (bmw 750cc) with carbs like that. they flow WAY too much air unless you're planning on turning 20k rpm or so...

Re: It'll never work because...

The volume of air displaced by the cylinder won't be sufficient to provide the vacuum necessary to operate that big carb.

Bigger isn't necessarily better in this case.

If not, why not put a Holley 850 double pumper on it?

Hell, it works great on a Chevy 350, don't it??


Re: It'll never work because...

now now.. lets not be snooty jim..

I think it was from a bmw WF60 or something the guy said.. Check it out.. he had a few more.. the same guy baught a bmw shop and is selling stuff from it.. just like the moped army did.. he is selling anouther for 20 bucks with like 10 diffren't jets with it... like 115 to 125 I think

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