bike is running do i add..

weird. i took the garelli out today and its running 100% fine. ive been riding it all day. i keep circling the block getting used to the stop signs and the bike. my garelli sport doesnt have turn signals. how would i go about adding some? are there any bicycle signals that i can use?

also, the spedo doenst work. it seems to me hooked up but doesnt work.

Re: bike is running do i add..

In most states ... hand signals are legal ...

left arm straight out for left turn

left arm straight out but bent up 90 degrees at the elbow for right turn

.. so you don't legally have to have electric light blinkers .. (in most states)

Re: bike is running do i add..

i know. but i WANT signals.

Re: bike is running do i add..

Matt Wilson /


Most turn signals run off a battery. To install them on a moped you'll need a small battery, a flasher element, and 4 bulbs.

You can get car bulbs and holders at walmart. A small gel cell non rechargeable battery at radio shack or online, and the flasher element at a car or motorcycle store.

Just make sure you get a 12v battery and bulbs


Re: bike is running do i add..

or.....find a trashed supersport with blinkers and swap them over, i somehow remember seeing one of those with blinkers. you dont really need blinkers on a 'ped anyway, noone ever really pays attention to them, they go around you anyway!


Re: Cateye

Used to be a bolt-on system called Cateye that worked on any moped.

It was a self contained box with some sort of capacitive discharge system that powered the lights using the moped's AC power from the lighting circuit.

They were made in the 70's and Idon't know where you would find one today, except maybe eBay.

Congratulations on your perserveranc, ham!

Be sure to lubricate all the cables and check the brakes through that little window on the backing plate. It should have a plug in it you remove to see the edge of the shoes.

They were required on all U.S. mopeds.



I saw a bolton light system on a website not long ago for 100$ I guess it was made by somebody called gaddabout? (sp?)

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