The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

... when you ride a moped around where I live... is people thinking they are being 'slick' ... and creeping up from behind you and either blowing the HORRRRRRRRRN! ... or YELLLLING !!! ... all to try to give you a shock .. (since they figure you don't know wthey are coming).

I swear this happens to me once in about every hour of riding !

I mean it happens ALL the time!

Its almost always guys under about 25.

Most often when there are 2 or more in the car.

They're trying to 'have fun' with the world.

Sometimes it can be girls when there are 3 or more in the car.

Its not a shock anymore .. (or almost never is .. I just expect it nowadays as normal).

I flip them the bird all the time without even taking my eyes off the road ahead.

They always give it back.

It never happens when I'm on a motorcycle .. because they aren't generally passing me ... and they perceive a motorcycle rider as more of a threat .. and figure they can just get away from a moped .. (not always true).

I would like to have a really loud horn attached to the left h-bar to blast them as soon as they blast me.

An aerosol 'boat horn' is way louder than any car horn .. but they are expensive and consumable.

I was thinking of taking a boat horn top and attcaching it to a canister of compressed air that I can re-fill at home.

I wonder what reaction I'll get then.

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

well i usually get the same reaction from ppl too. but they really couldnt hear the moped horn and resently my horn died anyway so now i made it so my horn button makes my headlight dim so now i flash my lights at em while givin em the finger

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

gimmyjimmy /


Don't you have a rear view mirror???...don't let those bastards sneak up on you like that.

here is a refillable air horn:

it's a the size of a 12oz. soda bottle, as for can duct tape it to the side of your helmet.


wear a t-shirt with the U.S. Marines logo on the back or the N.R.A. , Harley Davidson, or Moped Army logo....or just the word "POLICE" (say you're a fan of the "band"), or the F.B.I. (freds boobie inspections)

there ya go, no more tailgating or potential punting,

whatever it takes. :{)


Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

gee ... I would read that catalog description... if it didn't make my 'pyooter crash every time I go there ! .. (3 times)

One of my bike has a mirror.. one doesn't ... I don't notice any difference GJ ... just cuzz I have a mirror doesn't make THEM smarter.

I'd like to try and wear a black gunbelt with a holstered pistol on my left hip ... I bet there would be no more shenanigans then.

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

gimmyjimmy /

the gunbelt would work, I carried a snub nosed .38 water pistol (filled with ammonia for the mutts) stuck down in the triple some weird looks from peeps when the bike was parked.

I'll see if I can get that catalog item to open easier, it works on this old Dell clunker.

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

gimmyjimmy /

try this fred:

it's the same item at a different boat store. Here's a pic if that doesn't open:

<img src="">;

see the refill nozzle in the bottom.

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

funny you mention how pathetic 'ped horns are.......

tonight i was playing around with the electrics on my '76 kawasaki KZ400 motorcycle-rat-beast i picked up outta someones yard for $200, honking the horn & stuff......

the people across the street called the cops!

and with good reason, upon closer inspection, i found out its a 110 decibel horn! can we say......oops?


p.s. i get spark on the beast, but only sometimes, when i DO get it, its big & blue, but it usually wont do it, replacing points tomorrow, any help would be welcome. its a single point system, so its just like some of the honda mopeds. or other mopeds with batteries.

Re: The most annoying thing about riding a ped ..

you guys are nutbars.

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