wayne...airhorn help???

im gonna try hooking up a airhorn to my moped soon....i hear that you have hooked them up before. how do i and what will i need??? if you can explain it in detail please do.


--the kids that stole my moped tried taking off the biturbo, but wernt smart enough to take off the spacers

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

I hooked an airhorn up to my moped. The bad thing was, was that it kept falling off, because I didnt attach the air can correctly. I used 2 cable ties to tie it to my handle bars. I will try getting a pic posted soon. I use it only for when people cut me off, and to honk at others to get their attention.


Re: wayne...airhorn help???

search- I have pictures of mine somewhere around here- That is if you want to go the battery comressor route.

I only installed an airhorn, and used a small battery.

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

I'm at work now... but it is easy..

you need a horn kit from an auto store (19.99-30.00)

you ned a GEL-CELL battery (any battery space (15.00-25.00)

depending on the AMP HRS.

then a few feet of tube, a fuse, a switch/button....

positive from the horn goes right to the fuse then to the battery. Use thick primary wire, red and black...

the ground runs from the horn to the button to the battery.

Now, you have a battery, connected to compressor with an air line running to the horn.

The only reason you're not running from the room, is because, luckily, you installed a button (between the compressor and ground....)

Press the button.... maybe disconnect the horn from the air line.... for testing, save your ears.... until you actually mount it on the bike.

I can take pictures of mine later... but I've posted tons before.

Search for Author: Wayne and keyword airhorn

you'll find a lot of info. For just a horn you'd be good to follow the setup Mbartell used... I have a huge pannier pack filled with stereo gear.... when all you'll need is a battery and compressor.... much smaller bag.

Mounting the ehorn is simple... deciding how and where you stash the compressor and battery is a different thing you need to customize that to your moped.

Mbartell actually moved his coil, to put the compressor in an invisible location.... that's cool.

The difference between our two mopeds, is that his has an airhorn, and you kinda have to look at it.. "Hmmm... how did he do that....?"

while mine, it's pretty clear that the air horn has something to do with the fat wiring harness and ariline running into the rear pannier pack.

BTW, Mbartell, what kind of time are you seeing before you need to recharge? I know it depends on how long you use it...

Have you considered bringing a big float to the beach, and then using your moped to inflate it??? Cool!! Save your energy for something better.

Good Luck.

I need to write an airhorn FAQ, have Mbartell review it, and submit it to Simon for posting in articles....

Someday... so busy lately... but I DO have my moped shop and cellar workshop coming right along. that's progress... now I just need to order some parts I need.

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

since I installed it I've only recharged the battery twice. So that's about 20 good, long ear piercing honks between re-charges. that's with a 4.5Ahr battery. You can tell when the battery needs a re-charge. It starts to get a little quieter.

I'd suggest getting a higher quality button than the one I used, because it's falling apart, and wedging so that the horn stays on.

The last time I used it, I had to pull over and fiddle with the switch to get it to turn off. Pinching the air line helped keep it from being too loud.

Here's the thread with pictures


re-chargeable boat airhorn

I'd use this instead ... no battery ... no wiring.

Just re-charge it with air at the gas station.

<img src="http://www.taylormadeproducts.com/2002catalog/pg13a_1.jpg">;

Looks like its $20.00 .. from boat stores .. (they might have to order it though?)

Re: re-chargeable boat airhorn

Yeah... but I betcha if it ever runs out of air it'll be the time you want it the most.

I do like the "detachable" nature of it... You could actually stop beside a driver side window and blast it into their pasenger compartment...fit it onto a bottle holder for a mountain bike...

Then be like... Yeah.. honking at ole Fred was REAL funny wasn't it...

but.... the kit comes with dual airhorns... you need the two-tone effect... for top performance.

Mopeds with way loud horns....what a 'blast'

har har har.

Fred's Pic is good--- if you want quick, easy, with no extra battery... hassle of refil instead of recharging....refill is faster, but a charge lasts way longer...

Re: re-chargeable boat airhorn

I live @ the beach. love the Idea of the boat horn. waking up drunk, ignorant tourists by ridng by and nailing them with the horn gave me a good ROFPIPLMAO. or when they cut you off or act like jerks in general...

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

should i use a big airhorn or a small one?

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

big- always big.

I want to get one of the 3 trumpet sets, to see how loud I can get. It was only about $10 more...

Maybe that's too sick.

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

lol ya....wow that would be cool scarin the crap outta all those people who gave the ''fake thumbs up'' or said hell ya or any stupid thing...

Re: wayne...airhorn help???

no way... obnoxious and unnecessary, but not sick.

very very cool....

Have one with a longer air line, detachable, for aiming....

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