Not getting gas

I have a 1980 Garelli Sport. I can't keep it running. I had to spray starter fluid to get it to start. It doesn't seem to be getting gas. Any suggestions?

Re: Not getting gas

clean the carberator

Re: Not getting gas

lol turn the fuel valve to ''on''....or clean the carb

Re: Not getting gas

Clean the petcock.

Clean the carburetor

Install an inline fuel filter

(with a paper element)

Re: Not getting gas

roberto martinez /

yes hello i have no i dea what goes on alittle hole in the fuel valve isthere supposed to be some thing going from the fuel valve to the carburator please help me i f you could help me thank you

Re: Not getting gas

There should be a tube made of special plastic or rubber to carry the gas from the tank to the carb. Any motorcycle shop should have it. Be sure to get the right size diameter. bruce

Re: Not getting gas

there is supposed to be a rubber fuel line going from the fuel valve on the gas tank to the carb ... buy some from a motorcycle or auto parts store and get an inline fuel filter and insatall it too.

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