What is the most reliable moped?

Im looking to buy a new moped soon, for simple to and from work transportation.

What brand/particular model, is the most reliable to drive, by that I mean doesnt break down alot, and will last for time to come??

Im looking at Tomos and Avanti. Both give me the impression as being reliable, but a little help from experienced riders is what i need...

So any help is greatly appreciated

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

There is no single most reliable. I think you just started the next 100 post fourm. Reliability all depends on how well you take car of whichever ped you own. Iv gotten peds from the junkyard for 5 bucks, that after a little work and TLC are more reliable then my friends $800 one. Its all in how well you mantain and care for the ped that makes it be nice back.

Trac Man

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

i think that puchs are the most reliable...they'll last the longest. and easy to fix and inexspensive to fix.

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

Well i take excellent care of all my possesions, so that is not a problem, It wont take too much abuse either, work is pretty close, but the bus gets old.

Im looking at Puch dealers right now

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

very well put, Trac Man.

from my experience, i would vote for the vespa grande. super easy to work on (when it needs it... have put well over 2000 miles on mine in less than 4 months with no work needed beyond getting it running to begin with), replacement parts are readily available, as well as performance parts, cylinder kits, exhausts, etc..

plus, they are definitely the most comfortable ride. shocks and seat built for 2 riders.

not to mention how hot they look.

if you are anywhere near Northern California (or dont mind shipping) Zippy (who posts here regularly) has more than a handful of Grande's for sale. and they pop up on Ebay fairly regularly.

good luck!

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

If you're thinking about getting a brand new moped, I'd get the Tomos over the Avanti. Avanti has been having transmission problems lately in their bikes (lockups at top speed, YIKES!). Most tomos owners have nothing but praise for their bikes.

If you want to get an old bike from the 70's, I'd go with puch. The single speed bikes are virtually bulletproof! Plus, parts are more readily available for them than most bikes.

Re: mobylette

mobylettes are by far the most reliable moped and parts are still been produced by the manufacturer now called MBK

Re: What is the most reliable moped?

I've had my Avanti Mont for 8 months (1400 miles) and like it a lot. It cruises at 30 mph without hesitation. I take good care of it and make sure things are tight and for ~800 bucks new, it's been a cheap way to get to and from work. I have the basic Mont.

Re: What is the most reliable moped?


If you decide on a new Tomos, i can fix you up? I will deal with ya!


Where are you located?


Re: What is the most reliable moped?

had a tomos '99 targa. put 10k miles on it in 6 moths (yes, ten THOUSAND miles in six months.) drove the piss out of it. but, I also maintained it fastidiously. did extensive mods (ran 53 mph when she was taken from me), but I also cleaned my pipe and exhaust port, tightend all my bolts, kept the chain @ the proper amount of slack (didn't have to worry about that too much when I went to solid struts in the back because I weigh 250+ and broke a shock doing 45 in a curve...) kept the motor mounts tightened up....

fixing to get a cosmo/avanti 'stinger' this week. gonna be posting mods on this bike as I go and will let EVERYONE know if it's a decent pike or peice of s#!t. most bikes don't have a problem if you DO REGULAR MAITENENCE.

personnaly, if there was a tomos dealer where I'm living (North Myrtle Beach, SC) I would have purchased it because of the positive experience I had with my targa.

as for single speed bikes like the puch. my neighbor, had one. I'd like it alot more if it would go more than 30mph flat out. great pickup, no top end. To quote Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun,' " I feel the need, the need, for speed..."

Re: 2nd vote: Vespa Grande

AS long as you don't have to replace the points!

But even then, I can pull the motor in 20 minutes, and I DO have the correct flywheel extractor.

Parts availability is very good, except for the plastic side covers. And they appear on eBay now and then.


Re: Hey Faust! (Solid Strut??)

What do you mean "Solid Struts" you mean, like NO shock?

or, just a super-shock? I'm a heavy guy AND I carry a lot of stereo gear...

Thanks... I've heard you can stiffen up the shocks, never knew how, exactly..

10k kilometers

which is about 6000 miles .. (since Tomos odo's are in K's)

Still ... Thats a TON of miles ... and I am impressed that anybody puts those kind of miles on ANY two-wheeler .. especially a ped.

Re: Hey Faust! (Solid Strut??)

went to a Industrial supply shop and bought:

1) a length of 12mm threaded rod. had them cut 2 pieces about 1.5" shorter than the length of the shock without a rider or gear on the bike.

2) 8 12mm nuts to secure the ends and 'lock' them into place.

3) 4 'hiem' joints. to use on the ends of the threaded rod to bolt the rods to the frame and the swingarm.

4) 4 'lock' washers. these will keep the nuts from backing out at an unwanted time.

this is similar to the setup a lot of the 'jap bike' crowd uses for drag racing. they do this to eliminate swingarm flex under heavy acceleration using a drag slick.

please forgive the crappy pic, but I never got to take pics of my old bike before it got snagged.


while this mod will significantly increase the carrying capacity of your bike, ride QUALITY will suffer. Ever rode a 'hardtail' harley? ABSOLUTELY NO REAR SUSPENSION TRAVEL.

yes it is unbreakable, but don't think it'll ride like a gold wing...


Re:Hardtails/(Solid Strut??)

I once owned a hardtail harley... my dad and I were working on it. it was chopped out, very mean looking. It could sprain your ankle trying to kick it.

I wanted to get it registered, but as a novice bike rider, the raw power, chopped front end and lack of shock... well...

everyone kept asking me if I'd ever had my kidney's shaken so hard I'd pissed blood..... that did NOT sound like fun.

They might have been saying it, just to scare me away from the bike, which I agree with. But that rotten hog would kick you back, and hard, if you didn't get the kick just right.

I learned to lace up a boot, real tight before trying to start it. avoid the sprain or worse, a broken ankle from an unstarted bike. that's as embarassing as anything moped-related could ever be.

of course, my faux -OUI/DWI on a moped was pretty embarassing too. All charges dropped, but I still lost my license for 18 months. Ouch!!!!

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