Ree...need help or Tomos Experts READ

Alright heres whats happening...I had the moped running good...its a 91(I think 91) bullitt. Now my brother went out and decided to use it...he put the choke down and it got stuck down so I took off the little nut and it let the choke down...but now it doesnt run right at all...It stalls very quick if idling...and when I seems like the fuel cuts off and it bogs out and then it will come back and i'll go...when I get into second gear...and when it reaches high rpms in second it bogs like crazy...I lost a considerable amount of speed in second gear...Its acting like theres a rev limiter on it...anyway I took off the carb cleaned that out and put it back on and fixed the choke...but its still doing it...So im pretty much clueless never did this before until my brother put the choke on...thats all he said he did...I dunno tho...I did put my extra batavus coil on it because the stock one was working good...but that was while ago and it worked good...Alright any ideas are helpful THanks


Re: Ree...need help or Tomos Experts READ


Re: Ree...need help or Tomos Experts READ

the choke on a tomos (and this is ALL tomos bikes) will come up if you floor the throttle, try twisting it all the way back and see if the choke clicks up, if it dosent, adjust the lil knurled screw on the ends of the throttle cable sleeve where it enters the carb and where it enters the hand grip till it does. and since it seems like you took off the choke handle, reattach it.

this is the way your "supposed" to start a tomos

1. reach down and click down the choke lever

2. hold the throttle open till it ALMOST pops the choke open

3. kick it over (engine will run then die)

4. floor the throttle and pop the choke open

5. close the throttle and kick again (bike will idle)

this is how i ALWAYS start my tomos, 2strokes need to be choked when cold, play around with yours, and see whats easiest, it will make a bike that starts on 3 or 4 kicks un choked start on 1 or 2.


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Thanks garret...i know how the choke works tho... but I appreciate the tips :)

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Reeperette /

You need to re-adjust throttle cable tension, and possibly idle speed, but I would bet that there's probably some slack in your throttle cable from this little incident.

There's also the possibility that the throttle cable might not be hooked up correctly to the slide...

Look into it.


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up under the throttle grip, pull some tension into the cable w/needlenose pliers...don't fray then ends

a screw keeps tension..loosen it, and pull the cable, hard, see if it releases your choke, or just tighten it and try the throttle again,

similar thing happened on mine....your bike is running crazy, that's no big deal, tho, if your choke is stuck...

I hope I read your problem correctly, I was going to say what ree said, but it would have been a total guess... thought I'd tell you what to look for, although it is a simple mechanism, under the throttle...

more info never hurts so thought I'd add 2cents. if that doesn't free your choke, let us know. good luck

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Thanks but I fixed it...this was the problem...the spark coil is connected by two screws one screw has the ground wire on it..i lost the screw a while back in the woods...and the moped died so i had to think of a way to fix so i can get it home so i put it behind the coil and the bracket where it worked good so i was like ah i'll put another screw on later...never did...well i guess it got loose behind it and was moving up and down thus making it spark unevenly making the moped run crappy...but its fixed now :)

U can take the airbox

bradccool /

take the airbox off and u can see where it covers up the airintake........just puch that thing up .....and ur set......and u may wanna tighten u throttle cable so it will pop on its own........and OH yea....I dont understand u said yours was a 91 bullet.......but is has 2 gears? I heard that b4 92 they didnt have 2 speeds???

Re: U can take the airbox

yea they did, their engines just werent reed valve (a3 as opposed to a5). i personally like the a3 engine better, after '92, their quality went downhill bigtime, ride an older tomos and you will see what i mean!


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