Polini Parts..

Hey, the polini exhuast for the Avanti Cosmo's, it give good proformance with all stock stuff? Also, I am looking into the 65CC kit from Polini, this stuff going to last or what?

Current top MPH: 37

(all stock stuff).

what will my MPH be wiht the Polini Exhuast??

Re: Polini Parts..

umm.. bump. someone help??

Re: Polini Parts..

This happens fairly often... for someone to answer you ,.. they have to have tried exactly what you asked.

Avanti's are not that common here ... and then to find someone who has tried exactly those parts on an Avanti ... and reads/posts here ... is against the odds.

Its not because people are avoiding your question.

Where are these Avantis made anyway ?

What motors do they use ?

50ccnl has some forums (mostly Europeans post there).. maybe try there ?

Re: Polini Parts..

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