Sachs with no spark

Matt Wilson /

So I got my rings on saturday, and put them on... I've got 120lbs of compression so the bike should run better than before.

I also filled up the transmission case with fluid and it didn't leak one drop! Sealing and cleaing it did the trick!

But... now I can't get any spark. I think I have the wiring correct, but I'm not 100% sure. Does anyone have the schematic?

The bike ran before so I know that the condensor is good, and I think my points are adjusted, but I'll double check tomorrow.

I started to play with the wiring a little but a 70cc kit came for my puch and I was a little distracted :)

I will take pictures and ask more specific questions it I can't figure it out tomorrow. But could anyone please post me a scan of the electrics. It would make my day.

Also don't leave a digital multimeter in the hot sun. They break. I'm gonna return that thing to radio shack!


Re: Sachs with no spark

Check your points !

Or check you magneto , mine have water inside after cleaning the motor with GUNK and WATER !!!!!!

Re: Sachs with no spark

yep, open the points, rub a diamond nail file between them and it should go. Even a little condensation on the points will oxidize overnight and prevent a spark. on;t use sandpaper or any emery board, though, tiny frags will get into the magneto.

Re: Sachs with no spark

Matt Wilson /

I have already sanded and cleaned the points with a buisiness card dipped in carb cleaner. They are also adjusted.

I know its a wiring problem, because the condensor and coil worked about 3 weeks ago.

Does anyone have a manual scan? Vapor, Mbartell? Please!



Gee .. I'm a tree

Dirtbike's with points used to get ridden under horribly dusty dirty sandy and muddy conditions for years and years.

... the quantity of 'grit' left from a few swipes of 400 grit W&D paper would be tiny in comparison .. and would have to be quantified with a microscope.

.. especially if you wet it first.

... and what does... "Get into the magneto" ... mean ?

There are no exposed bearings anywhere in a magneto .. the only place where any grit will cause any theoretical trouble is on the cam that opens the points .. which will be wiped clean after a couple rotations of the wiper and rubbing heel.

And there is a flaw with using any type of 'file' ... and that is ..

... the file is much thicker than any paper .. the points only contact each other flat - when they are fully closed .. so as you open them to stick anything thick in .. they begin to get an angular alignment .. so a file will only file the 'corners' of the points nearest their pivot.

Which then leaves the opposite edge as the ones left touching when closed.

I used to use 'points files' ... till I got smarter.

Use 400 grit wet and dry paper .. and wet it.

Re: Gee .. I'm a tree

there is a pdf of a sachs wiring diagram about in the middle of this thread.

If you have a 3 wire set up,by Bosch, or Motoplat, the blue wire goes to the coil, and the kill switch the yellow is your power and the black is ground.

there is also a four wire set up, but I don't remember where all of those ones go. I'll have to look at one of my parts motors to find out.

Have you checked to see if the ciol is good? switched it with annother one?

Search for ron's electronic guide- he's posted it a few times here.

Re: Sachs with no spark

...i hope this helps...


Re: Sachs with no spark

...and one more...btw....mbartell, did you get that manual yet? i think i got your address right...let me know...


Re: Gee .. I'm a tree

only relaying what my batavus mechanic showed me. A bit lumpy, Fred?

Re: Sachs with no spark

Yup, I got it of Sat. I can tell you're a paint+ body guy - the blue masking tape.

Really nice copy too. The wiring diagram was different from the other's I've gotten- battery and turn signals and all. Other than that it's really similar.

I may try to rig them up, If I feel a need. Where did you get it from? I may want to get some other ones and map out differences of the other sachs set ups.

Sucks about the deal with Fred- at least you were able to tell him before he took off. Hey maybe you could find them-- and chain them to something next time.

Re: Gee .. I'm a tree

only relaying what my batavus mechanic showed me. If you file improperly, i.e. at an angle, it won't matter how good or thin your filing material is. Are we lumpy for a reason, Fred, or just lumpy today?

Re: Sachs with no spark

Matt Wilson /

Thanks vapor and Mbartell.

Now I should be able to get this thing rolling.

BTW sealing the transmission case with the loctite gasket eliminator worked great. I also replaced the rubber o rings on the drive pedal shaft.

I filled the transmission 2 days ago and there is still not a drop on the garage floor.

Thanks for the help.


Re: Sachs with no spark, glad you got it! at handy sold it to me..kinda wierd, the first part of the manual is the minarelli v1 does suck, with the fred deal,and i do feel bad about it. i would love to find em' (i'll be looking in the next 'hood' over, i saw 3 kids on some peds a month ago over there)....and put the hurt on the asshole(s). i know everyone here thinks im' bullshit'n'....but it does'nt matter, with the exception of a few people, i never got a good vibe from this forum

Re: Sachs with no spark

Hi, you should double-check your coil.

Re: Sachs with no spark

Matt Wilson /


I fixed the problem a month ago. It was a combination of poorly adjusted points and improper wiring.

As a coil is just a very long wire, they are rarely faulty


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