I got my Garelli running! but...

it stopped. it doesnt idle..and now its harder to get going. the carb gets flooded with gas..it drips A LOT. why does this happen and is the reason it doesnt start again?

Re: I got my Garelli running! but...

The reason it drips is a clogged or worn out float. it could be hard starting because of carb flooding, and too much fuel reaching the engine. try this. tap the side of the carb bowl with the hndle of a screwdriver while it is dripping. sometimes this fixes a stuck float. if it stops, your are all set.

Re: You're getting there!

Glad to hear you got that far, ham.

Fred's guide is the way to go, but there have to be Garelli out here somewhere with the right answers.

Keep going! You're learning about your machine!


Re: You're getting there!

Matt Wilson /

Clean the carb again. Even if it was spotless you need to clean it better.

Pay attention to the foam or plastic block and everything that it is connected to. This is the float and you want to make sure that it is stopping the fuel flow when the gas reaches a certain level. That will prevent you carburator from flooding and dripping. Then worry about why it doesn't restart.


Re: I got my Garelli running! but...

what turned out to be the problem before?

Re: I got my Garelli running! but...

I've got a Garelli Sport. Before i did anything else to it I cleaned the carb.

Take it off the bike, totally disassemble it. Lay a white towel on your workbench to work on. It makes it WAY easier to keep up with small parts. Don't worry, they aren't that complicated. Put all the metal pieces into a small tupperware-type bowl and soak them with carb cleaner. I completely submerged mine and let it soak overnight. Be sure not to put plastic parts in.

Clean the little passages of the carb out with small wire...being careful not to scratch. Clean everything else with a toothbrush. Then (important part) blow everything out with compressed air.

After reassembly you "should" be in good shape. Unless of course the float itself is bad.

Re: I got my Garelli running! but...

well, i told the guy about it. the guy i bought the bike from and he said that its probably the bad carb. he is willing to change it off his other garelli. ill just do that.

Re: But you'll still ahve to clean it!

Cleaning your carb is one of the more common tasks that will give you the best results to a good runnin 'ped.

Learn to do it and your carburetor will become routine.

Also install a fuel filter to preserve your good work. Is tall it horizontally if at all possible for maximum efficiency. horizontally and below the fuel inlet is ideal.

Keep at it ham!


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