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I just bought a 1981 Garelli. What is the oil gas mix? It says 1.0gal (gas) to 3 pull (oil) What is a pull?

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Joseph Grimes /

The pulls are for the Oil Injector tube on the side of the tank. Guess yours is missing?

I never use the Injector anyway on mine. I always premix the oil and gas. My 1980 Garelli manual says 3 3/4 oz of oil per gallon of gas.

2 stroke oil in the gas, non-detergent motor oil in the crankcase.

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Thanks. I will try the 3 3/4 oz. to one gallon.

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You can try this mix. After a little while take your spark plug out, if you think it is too wet. Try 50:1 or 2.6oz per gallon of gas. This mix is standard for me so far.

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Thank you.

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