Time for a portland maine chapter

I have 3 peds, Wayne has 3(kind of), I meet a girl and her brother how ride motobecanes, they said their cousin has an express, I looked in the moped owners directory for portland and found 3 people listed, Thats 10 people riding mopeds in the portland area.....I think it is time we unite and drive out the evil biker gangs!!!!!!!

Re: Time for a portland maine chapter

I know-- there are evil bikers around lately... what we need is monthly or bi-monthly rides scheduled, and a few cook outs.... I felt safer riding with 3 mopeds

Don't forget Monkey, he's going to buy one of those QT's....

and my 3rd moped... just because the engine and bike are in different spots.... and the rear wheel is off... I've been a sleacker, and modding the scooter and haven't ordered a speed kit yet. Although all I think I should need is a carb... I'll get the kit and then just replace the carb.

One last mod for the scoot... a clutch and kevlar drive belt... I saw another guy out riding the un-modded kymco cobra, and I was going double his speed, at least. he said he was going to add the pipe himself, but when I asked about the variator weights to keep the bike in the correct range, he said he was only adding the pipe.

oh, well, he'll be over or under revving and I'll still cook him...

I totally cleaned the garage this weekend... nothing in there but bikes.. I was going to do some work, but that garage is like an oven.

Set up a kick-ass workshop in the cellar... I want to build a mad max/cyborg looking costume... like a low budget BORG.... but witl lots of working electronics, motors, pumps etc...

Russ's moped is still the fastest of the bunch. I'll need to mod out the QT if I want to leave his bike in the dust.... not so easy.... There was some good info about drilling the airbox and adding a chainsaw pipe...

Re: Time for a portland maine chapter

Wayne If I were you, I'd be getting all the info I could about that PW 50 - some of those guys would kill for the lower gear ratio of the qt 50. It's probably like soccer moms, but with itty bitty dirtbikes. Check your local shop and see if anyone has parts and experience- you never know.

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