Need Tomos advice ASAP!

I am thinking of buying a '94 Tomos that I looked at this afternoon. I test drove it, and I have a concern with the shifting. The bike has almost 6,500 miles and is in great shape with the exception of some seat tears (no biggie). The bike started and idled beautifully. My concern is with the way it shifted. It took off no problem, but the bike "winded up" a hec of a lot before shifting into second gear. The side panels vibrated greatly while it was trying to shift gears. When it finally did shift, it accelerated OK and I got her up to between 25-30 mph. I noted that the drive chain did have an excessive amount of play in it, and was wondering whether this could have contributed to the sloppy shifting.

My girlfriend also noted some blue smoke from the exhaust. The owner's father said that the bike hadn't been driven for almost a year, so that could explain the smoke. Also, with 6,500 miles, new rings and piston are probably in it's future.

My main concern is with the manner and length of time it took to shift to 2nd gear. The owner is asking $350 which includes a helmet.

I really need someone with Tomos expertise to weigh in here and advise me whether to buy or pass on this bike. I can handle replacing new piston and rings, but I know nothing about these 2 spd trannies.

Please advise what I should. If I don't get back to him soon, I may lose the bike, so time is of the essence.



Re: Need Tomos advice ASAP!

Kevin Harrell /

I have a 91' Tomos with about the same mileage on it. When I got it I took the head off and decarbonized the head and piston. If you get this bike I suggest you do the same. I was suprized at how good the cylinder looked and it still has great compression.

My transmission did/does a similar thing. The bike would get up to about 17 to 19 mph and stay there without shifting. Then I hit a bump and it shifted. After that it still gets up to 17 to 19 mph and then still delays before shifting. But the delay is getting less and less each time I ride it. I think that something in my transmission is slightly stuck and is becoming less stuck each time I ride it. (Of course changing the transmission oil also helped.)

This bike could be doing the same thing that I suspect my bike is doing. If so $350.00 is a good price. Call the local moped shop and see what it would cost to have the transmission rebuilt. Add that to the price of this used bike and it will probably still be a good deal. At least as compared to the cost of a new bike.

And rember, sometimes you have to take a chance.

Re: Need Tomos advice ASAP!

Reeperette /

Yes, buy it.

It probably has a clogged exhuast and could use a carb cleaning, and perhaps a tiny bit of rusty-tank syndrome, but the engine's prolly quite solid.

The hesitation on shifting is due to the A5(A35) Engine's cheesy little clutches, but that's easy to work around by feathering the throttle at the shiftpoint.

Do a search for "Tomos Boatload" for a good mishmash of Tomos information, and anything you have a problem with that isn't covered by that or Freds guide, just howl for me.


Re: Need Tomos advice ASAP!

Hey.... Tomos sent the dealers a flier on slow shifting, if changing fluid with ATF Type-F dont work, you cut the inboard clutch shoes (only) to get working proper. If you like, email your address and will send you a copy. Doug D.

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