Thankyou who helped

I have to thank the few people on this forum who actually helped me fix my ped today... (yeah it runs...)

Duck, Pbronx, and David f martin.

I knew that a moped couldnt possibly be more complex than a car, and the theory played out.

My ped runs on a lawnmower carb, and is pretty much thrown together from meijers and the junkyard. I have to say that I was dissapointed in the rest of you for not helping more.

So what if my ped runs on junk parts? So what if I found things laying around that happened to fit, then made them work? I hope in the future when people who make peds run from garage sale junk post for help you all dont just tell them "buy the right parts idiot!"

In my opinion another ped on the rode is another one to be counted, no matter what makes it go.

I hope I dont Piss anybody off with this, but seriously folks. The sensitivity level to scavengers is pretty low.

-so now I go ride my 20$ ped.......

Re: Thankyou who helped

Just don't discount safety.

Caliper brakes are OK on a ten speed, but not a 'ped!


Re: Thankyou who helped

david f martin /

Zach, I have infinitely more respect for someone who can make something out of nothing, than for someone who can throw money at it until they get what they want...

I don't know what I did to help you, but YOU figured it out yourself (with a little help from your friends), and that makes you a REAL mechanic, in my eyes.

Scavengers RULE!


Re: Thankyou who helped

Some of us don't help just because we don't know anything about that make/model.

We can only give guesses .. often bad guesses.


guesses are always appreciated. And you rock David! I was thinking about what you said on your last post when I decided to go over what I had already "fixed."

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