my moped got the fucker that stole it

today my moped got misteriously got ''found'' by the same damn fucker that stole it last night....weird huh??? guess he didnt want 2 end up in a world of hurt and with his moped in flames....i was pissed off when today i went down 2 his house to ''talk'' to him.....and he didnt answer the door...5 minutes later i was going 2 my aunts house and he was gettin on his moped. my brother was walking 2 his friends house and found the kid riding. he ''talked'' to him for a little while...a hour later the kid brought my ped back.....he took the mirror if i see him riding his ped with my mirror on it, he'll be tackled on the ground, face full of tar and ill get my mirror back :)


--this is long but over. if anyone see's josh or scott plumbly feel free 2 run them off the road....

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