'01 Tomos Doesn't Start

Hey folks,

My really new 2001 Targa LX won't start. It used to start up immediately on every kick, but nothing anymore. Completely dead. There's a spark (checked that) and when I kick it to start, the lights come on and all that, so there's juice. The gas tank is full, the oil level is good ... everything seems to be in place. It only has 190 miles on it too ... so, any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated.

PS: I recently filled up the tank just before this happened -- could it be residue from my gas can that clogged the fuel lines? Or possibly in the carb?



Re: '01 Tomos Doesn't Start

Local Yokal /

That would be my guess. If you say its got spark, check for compression as well. Try to start it a few times then take the spark plug out. If the plug is wet then your getting gas. If the plug it dry then your carb or fuel line is plugged somewhere.

Let me know what you find out.

Trac Man

Re: '01 Tomos Doesn't Start

its your carb. Take it off and clean it thoroughly. I suggest and air compressor for cleaning out the little orphaces.

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