1978 Garelli (oil injection)

I have a 1978 Garelli moped with oil injection. It never has run right. It would never idle correctly. it stayed running when i floored it and I didn't stop to let it idle. it would stop running after about a day of little use. Until I get a new spark plug, then it would run for another day of short use... I did that repeatedly. I thought it was the carburetur, so I bought a new one, and a new air cleaner. but no help. I remembered that it was oil injection....that might be the problem. I pumped a little oil in it a day (two pumps or so), I think it needs a correct mixture, how much? does anyone know how much the mixture should be? I could mix the gas and oil instead of pumping the oil in the tank

Does anyone know where I can get rings for it also?

Re: 1978 Garelli (oil injection)

Hey Rick,

Completely forego using that "oil injector" bottle on your Garelli, and just dump premix into the tank instead. I run 44:1 premix ratio on my '77 SuperSport and it runs great!


Re: 1978 Garelli (oil injection)

I have a 1978 Garelli oil inj. but that is in name only. If your bike has a bottle on the side for oil with a pump on top it does not automaticly add oil. two pumps when empty fill with gas and go. I mix my gas in a can at the rate of 40:1. You must still mix one way or the other but a can is simpler. If you thought it was mixing oil automaticialy and it wasn't your lucky it's not froze up. e-mail me ifyou think I can help further

Re: 1978 Garelli (oil injection)

david f martin /

Have you done a plug chop? Have you read Fred's guide (in the Resources section)?


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