Oil Pump-Is it working?

Alfred Neubauer /

How does one know if their oil pump is really working?

I thought mine was totally hooked up on my 2001 Tomos TTLX. I had to replace it, and I got an exact duplicate, and connected everything the way it came apart. In the tube leading from the pump to the intake manifod, there were 2 air bubbles. After a short 5 mile ride, the bubbles did not seem to have moved.

Wouldn't the system, if it was working correctly, have purged the air out by now? Also, is there any way I can check to see that the pump is actually functioning?

Re: Oil Pump-Is it working?

Reeperette /

Those little clamps that hold the lines on ?

There's leakage there, even if they're tight they have a problem with being tight on one side, loose on the other.

If you can fit the tip close enough, try using the crimper on an automotive electrical tool.


Re: Oil Pump-Is it working?

Alfred Neubauer /

They are tight, about as tight as I dare make them.

Also, any idea how I can actually confirm it is working?

I'd hate to have a seizure be my "gauge"...

Re: Oil Pump-Is it working?

The only way I know of is to fill the tank with pre-mix and disconnect the line going to the intake. Plug the hole in the intake. Run the line to a small cup and check for flow. If you want to check for correct volume, you have to have the worshop book on the engine and it will give the specs as how much should flow within a certain amount of time..

Re: Oil Pump-Is it working?

yeah... remove the oil line going to the top of the carb mount and start the engine .. hold the end of the oil line UP (so gravity flow of oil doesn't fool you) ... then watch for oil to come oozing out the line steadily .. try revving the motor up and watch.. the quantity of oil should increase.

if you are worried about a lack of oil to the motor while this is happening .. premix the gas in the tank first.

Re: Oil Pump-Is it working?

chuck russo va /

sillyR dont u have a 70cc kit on your moped? well my local shop recoments removing your oil injection and pre-mixing, i used to be a huge fan of oil injection and then i let the tank get too low and seized...so now i always premix and only run motul 100% sythetic scooter racing oil

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