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Anyone have a diagram for puch wiring? Mopedjunkyard has a crappy one....I was hoping someone would have one a bit more legible. I have a '77 puch ....oh shit something just got struck by lightening outside.....anyway.....I have had this puppy running and now I have a new coil and a new condenser and still no fire.

One more thing....the new coil I have only has two places to connect wires.....the old one had one for the plug wire and 2 for two other wires .....one being a ground wire. Mopedjunkyard said it would work......anyone got any experience with coils? :)

Thanks a million guys.

Re: Puch wiring diagram

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Here is one that I found....kinda crappy but it will do until I or someone else finds another one!


Re: Puch wiring diagram

On a Puch the horn has to be hooked up or at the very least have the two horn wires touching each other. IF you don't do this you won't get any spark.

Puch wiring

The thing to remember about the puch is that it has four separate magnetos for the four electrical components. The first is obviously the ignition (the one hooked to your condensor..) the second is the light, the third the tail light and the fourth your brake light. If you just hook up the blue wire coming out of your magnetos (from the points?) to the live wire on your coil it should work. And ground the magneto?? I dont remember.. A one-wire coil is probably grounding through the bracket to the motor...

All of the other wiring is just to make the lights work and they can be bipassed. (not legal to ride though...)

Mine is hooked up in the following manner and DID run until it mysteriously quit....

(remember that three wiring harnesses make up the wiring, magneto, front, and rear.. find wires accordingly..)





green{}green/green(I think the brake lights...)

Brown(ground){}coil ground (you dont have one...)

the colors together (blueblack...) are striped.

Hope this helps! If it still doesnt run ground the blue wire from the back harness (taillight..) just to be sure thats not shorting and try the horn thing. Then look at your switch (ignition.. mine sucks...)

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